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The grouse would never be finished.

28 June 2011

Faceless Killers - the earliest Wallander novel - by Henning Mankell

I just finished reading Firewall and I’ve gotten into a bit of a love-hate relationship with Kurt Wallander. Wallander is the protagonist in a series of police procedural novels written by the Swedish author Henning Mankell.

I’ve written here about the works of some of my other favorite Swedish mystery writers: Maj Sjöwall and Per Wahlöö (here1, here2, and here3) and Stieg Larsson. Enjoying those led me to seek out other works in the same genre.

I initially borrowed a copy of Sidetracked from my mom, then read it and enjoyed it enough that I picked up a copy of Kennedy’s Brain… which I don’t recommend at all. After disappointment with Kennedy’s Brain, I decided that I just wasn’t all that into Henning Mankell… then a friend recommended I try some more and I’ve been working my way through nearly all of Mankell’s crime fiction. (more…)