Letters to Mom


Artistic envelope that I mailed to mom in 2004

I’ve started scanning and posting some of the letters that I wrote to my mother, who passed away earlier this year. I post these at my art blog Handmade Ransom Notes – under older work pages – see here, here, here, and here. I’ve been trying to mainly post new artwork there, because I want to use the blog to motivate me to work on and finish new artwork. 

I’ve got dozens of these letters, and not all of them are masterpieces… or even notable. Going through them makes me think of mom… but I think that posting these is more my pride and vanity in showing off the artwork I’ve done. There’s not a great deal of internet traffic that finds my art blog… and even less finds its way down into the pages – featuring old art (as opposed to the posts – featuring new art.)

The majority of the artistic letters I’ve created and mailed aren’t in my possession. They’re probably mostly thrown away… but, hopefully many are still in the possession of folks I’ve mailed them to. I have some… and one woman scanned her collection for me, which I posted here.

Sketch from the bottom of a 1999 letter I wrote to mom – posted from my brother and his wife’s Peace Corps stay in Bolivia

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