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Jeremy Lin – What a Story!

14 February 2012

Jeremy Lin

So… I have to, up front, confess that I don’t really follow basketball. For most of my life, my refrain has been that I’d rather play sports than watch them.

In high school and college, I swam and played water polo… and, of course, I ride a bicycle all the time. A bit of a knee injury almost two years ago now has made just a bit less active. I still play some ultimate frisbee, but I’ve been becoming more of a spectator, following soccer a bit (a bit more than I’d like to admit.)

About a week ago, I started seeing some facebook stories about Jeremy Lin. As the week went on more and more folks were posting about him. It was coming from all quarters – folks I went to high school with, my brother-in-law, African-american friends, political friends, Asian friends, and others. I gave in to the hype and decided to watch some videos on youtube… and I am really impressed.   (more…)