Slideshow: My Second Thirty Sketchbooks


Woman from Sketchbook No. 44

A couple weeks ago, I posted a slide show of two pages from each of my first 30 sketchbooks, dated 1984-1995.

Today it’s the sequel: Sketchbooks number 31-60, dated 1995-2012.

The slide show below includes the first page of the sketchbook, where I generally somewhat-elaborately hand-letter recording the sketchbook number and the dates. After the first page, I’ve selected one image from the body of each book. Each of the selected images is among the better drawings in each book… but maybe not the very best… sometimes I went with variety, sometimes I picked stuff that reminds me of the that time in my life and what I was interested in drawing. 

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I do a lot of two-page horizontal images… but for the sake of consistency here in the slide show, I picked single-page vertical pieces. I was a little inconsistent on this rule for sketchbook No. 59, only – which is one of a handful of smaller (about 6″ x9″) books which lend themselves a bit more to the horizontal (for the record, so far, books No. 43, 49, 50 and 59 are the only 6″x9″ ones.) For No. 59, the title page is kind of spread across two pages, and my favorite drawing in it is also a horizontal spread, so I used that one. All the other books are roughly 8.5″x11″… more suitable for the basic standard vertical page.

For more of my sketchbook stuff, see my art blog Handmade Ransom Notes. Maybe browse the sketchbook category here or view the individual posts for selections from sketchbook I finished after starting my art blog in January 2009: those are sketchbooks No. 56No. 57No. 58No. 59, or No. 60. Other sketchbook stuff posted under the Older Work page.

I am about 20 pages into No. 61… and look forward, someday, to posting another slide show with the next thirty in the series.

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One Response to “Slideshow: My Second Thirty Sketchbooks”

  1. Rex McDaniel Says:

    The woman from #56 is very interesting….and the guy with the bull in the ring…#32??? Way to go Joe!!!!

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