Great Craig Thompson Habibi Talk on Video


Panel from Craig Thompson's Habibi

I found a series of Craig Thompson youtube videos that document a talk he delivered last year, right after Habibi was released. Looks like the talk is from October 2011, delivered at MCAD (Minneapolis College of Art and Design.)

Thompson discusses his process for creating Habibi, which included plenty of blocks and turns. The talk includes slides of his drawing studies, early thumbnails, sketchbooks and more. (A few of his preliminaries are online here, but it’s great to hear him walk us through the process.) The video production values aren’t great, but I found it a revealing window into the processes used by a creator who I think is phenomenal. 

Purists can start with part 1 – which is all intro:

Thompson  gets talking in part 2:

Then he really starts showing off his sketchbooks…

And if I’ve got you hooked, there’s parts four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten and eleven. He spends a good long time responding to questions from the audience.

(For my earlier review of Habibi go here. For my sketchbooks see here and here. For Craig Thompson’s blog go here.)

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