Remedios Varo Wondrous In Wonderland


The Flutist, painting by Remedios Varo 1955

Yesterday, I got around to seeing the In Wonderland show at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It’s closing this week Sunday Friday May 6th, and if you haven’t seen it already, at least once, you should stop reading and make plans to go. Museum is open 12noon to 8pm daily except Wednesday. Last day for show is this Sunday Friday.

There’s a lot of compelling work, including Frida Kahlo pieces that are definitely great! Also work by Kay Sage, Lenora Carrington, even Lee Krasner… but the artist whose work made the biggest impression on me is Remedios Varo (1908-1963.) She was born in Spain and worked mostly in Mexico. 

Woman Leaving the Psychoanalyst, painting by Remedios Varo, 1961

She’s a surrealist, painting incredible fantasies that are steeped in gender, magic, relationships, nature, science, and creativity itself. I’ve been a fan of Varo’s work in books (mainly Unexpected Journeys: the Art and Life of Remedios Varo by Janet A. Kaplan) and this is the first time I have actually seen her original works.

And they’re incredible up-close!

Her paint is very delicate, with great detail and precision… and tiny tiny strokes and scrapes adding up to scenes that are fantastic and convincing.

There are about ten of her works at LACMA now, and they’re each really worth checking out. Each of the images I’ve posted here are in the show, and look way better up close than these images I’ve lifted from the web. Go see In Wonderland! Enjoy.


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