One Oak Two Hands


I was happy to see that my friend Katura Reynolds visited and sketched the Los Osos Oaks (near San Luis Obispo, CA.) It’s one of my favorite places to visit and to sketch. She posted a series of oaks sketches at her site The Humble Act of Sketching.

I was happy to spot that we actually both sketched the same tree from more-or-less the same angle. Here’s Katura’s version: (I like her caption: “Remember when that oak swallowed up the hobbits in Fellowship of the Ring? Yeah.)

Katura Reynolds’ sketch of one of the great Los Osos Oaks.

and mine:

Los Osos Oak tree sketch by Joe Linton

I enjoy seeing the way everyone brings their individual style to every drawing. There are so many ways to balance tone, line, color, texture, etc. Artists are always simplifying, deciding (often unconsciously) what details tell the story… what to include, what to leave out. 

Katura’s work is excellent, influenced by her work in scientific illustration but still loose and flowing. Check out Katura’s oak sketches here and follow her blog. I posted my recent oak sketches here, and wrote about Los Osos Oaks State Natural Reserve more here.

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