Mom’s Art 1: Stockholm Drawings


Riksdaghuset (Parliament Building in Stockholm, Sweden), drawing by Marge Linton, done in the late 1950s, pencil on paper, about 8.5″x11″

Here are a couple of pencil drawings that my mother did during her junior year abroad in Stockholm. Margaret Gerhardt Linton 1937-2011, then Margaret Eunice Gerhardt – mom – was a junior at Occidental College, she studied abroad for a year, during which she traveled quite a bit through various countries in Europe. 

Here’s the story as I recall her telling it: When she first began studying in Stockholm, she’d been enrolled in the English-language university there. She initially found the classes there not particularly challenging, so she looked around and decided to enroll in art classes, in a Swedish-language university. She figured that her Swedish wasn’t quite proficient enough to study humanities in Swedish… but she figured she could get by in art classes… and that doing this in Swedish would help her learn the language.

Mom, later when I existed and knew her, was generally good at drawing, but didn’t really consider herself an artist. Now and then, we kids would coax her into drawing stuff with us, and she’d draw well… but would generally encourage us to do art more than do it herself.

The above drawing is of the Riksdagshuset – the buiding where the Swedish parliament meets. Compare to these similar-view contemporary or historic photos of same building from Wikimedia.

My drawing of a church in L.A. – click for larger images

I like that mom definitely captured the building itself, but devoted more attention to the urban activities surrounding it: power poles, buses, pedestrians, cars, and even a bicyclist.

I do a fair amount of urban streetscape sketching, and I definitely like to include the surroundings, for example: the power poles adjacent to this church.

Mom framed two of her drawings and had them hanging in her/our home, during my childhood. I remember them well, and found them in here closet when she passed away. I have them now, unfortunately not hanging yet (the frames are damaged and need a bit of attention.)

Below is the other image – entitled “en del av Stockholm” – which Google translates as “part of Stockholm.”

en del av Stockholm, drawing by Marge Linton, done in the late 1950s, pencil on paper, about 8.5″x11″

(The second image’s frame is in better shape – making it more difficult to scan… sorry, both of these could use a much more proficient photoshop person to get the images to a better state for easy viewing.)


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