Mom’s Art 2: Collages and a Cactus Drawing


Inside cover of Mom and Paige’s collage book. Text reads: this book was made by Paige Gastil and Grandma Marge Linton – finished in 2002

Thinking of my mom lately… wishing she was still around. Mom was pretty creative, but I think poured a lot of that energy into raising four kids.

I posted a few of my mom’s Stockholm drawings earlier here, today it’s some collages that she did with my niece Paige. She and Paige would go through catalogs and magazines. (She had a lot of catalogs – and various magazines, including the New Yorker, LACMA members magazine, and others.) They filled up an entire small blank book about 4″x6″. I held onto it, and went through and scanned some of images that I most liked… especially that reminded me of mom’s tastes.

I present them without commentary:

page spread 1 from Mom and Paige’s collage book

page spread 2 from Mom and Paige’s collage book

page spread 3 from Mom and Paige’s collage book

page spread 4 from Mom and Paige’s collage book

page spread 5 from Mom and Paige’s collage book

Below is one more actual drawing by her. She was a big fan of cacti. She had hundreds of them potted in a patio area next to the dining room in her home. She enjoyed spending time maintaining and re-potting them. She also had a lot of cactus stuff: books, calendars, cookie-cutters, rubber stamps (one used in the photo at the top of the post) and more.

After she passed away I found this drawing in a sketchbook I had given her:

Mom’s cactus drawing, now in my Sketchbook No. 61

I like that she actually observed the cactus carefully and found the grid pattern in its spines. Difficult to make out in the scan, but there’s a light grid she used to place the spines.

It’s the only drawing she’d done in that book… so I went ahead and filled the rest of the sketchbook with my drawings – excerpts posted here at my art blog.

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