I got married!

Wedding day photo - Carrie's on the left, I am on the right

Wedding day photo – Carrie’s on the left, I am on the right

I am really happy to have married Carrie Lincourt!! We’re planning a bigger wedding, with extended family and close friends, but we’ve got a kid on the way, so we decided to tie the knot now – and celebrate more later.

We were married on Sunday March 10th 2013 – in the backyard of the home where I grew up – where my brother and his family now live. It was a small ceremony, just immediate family and two other very close friends. Thanks to our families for doing all the work to make it a great and relatively-low-stress occasion. Thanks also to Rex McDaniel – who officiated the ceremony. Rex was the pastor at Tustin Presbyterian Church, back ~1980 when Carrie and I met there.

We wrote our vows together. Here’s what I promised Carrie:

I promise to be a full partner in all we do
I promise to be supportive in good times and bad
I promise to be the person you want to be with
I promise to rub your feet your back your neck
I promise to be a good and considerate person to live with – keeping my clutter to a minimum, cooking, cleaning up after us, spending thriftily
I promise to be a good communicator – letting you know where I’m at, listening to you, and being clear
I promise to make our relationship and our family my top priority
I promise to give you feedback – mostly positive – to take your side – to support you
I promise to smile when I look into your eyes
I promise to uplift your spirits
Thank you for marrying me

And here’s what Carrie promised me:

I promise to always strive to bring my best and truest self to our relationship
I promise to hug and kiss you lots of times every day
I promise to revel in the joy of our connection
I promise to keep laughing with you – To always look for the humor in life
I promise to ride bikes and go on public transportation with you
I promise to draw you – to continuously foster both of our interests in art – to see, experience, discuss, and create art – together
I promise to be a good communicator – letting you know where I’m at, listening to you, and being clear
I promise to work with you to follow our passions for making the world a better place
I promise to be your ally – to always try to think well about you
I promise to create a great, expansive life for ourselves
Thank you for marrying me

She’s awesome, and we’re already enjoying married life together. And, as I mentioned above, we’re pregnant. She’s expecting a baby in late July 2013 – which we’re planning to have a home birth delivery at our place in Jersey City.

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