Makers: Documentary on Women’s Movement


This week my husband Joe and I saw the excellent new PBS documentary on women’s liberation called Makers – was really interesting to think on my experience as a female growing up in the 70s and 80s and as a young woman in the 90s. It also got us talking about what sort of world our daughter is growing up into.

One of the interesting things about the documentary is seeing TV commercials I grew up watching. These ads showed me role models, though I wasn’t even conscious of it. These images were all around me – the water I swam in. I didn’t notice, but the images seeped in – so deep so early.

Given when I was born (1969), I got the message that the Women’s Movement was something that happened – that was complete. That women and men were now equal. When in reality this wasn’t true. This conflict between what I was told and what I experienced was very confusing. On top of that, there was the expectation that women are somehow magically going to do everything: have a career and be a housewife and be a mom and have a husband.

The documentary Makers is in three 1-hour parts. Right now they’re all on YouTube. Part 1 is above. Go here for part 2 and part 3. Makers covers from the 1950s through pretty much the present day. I recommend it highly.


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