Baby Maeve at Ten Weeks: First Hike

Carrie, Maeve and Joe on the Bearfort Ridge trail yesterday

Carrie, Maeve and Joe on the Bearfort Ridge Trail yesterday

Another brief late entry… mostly to get some photographs posted to share with friends and family.

Baby Maeve passed the ten-week mark on Tuesday, a couple days ago. She’s doing well. Sleeping a lot, nursing, pooping, crying, smiling, potato-chip-ping on her tummy, and more.

We’ve been going into NYC a few times, including a trip to the Whitney Museum last Friday, but the big new activity was Maeve’s first hike. We’re car-sitting for Maeve’s uncle Bob, so we took a drive (Maeve’s second time ever in a car) out to Bearfort Mountain, located in Abram S. Hewitt State Forest – in northern New Jersey, near the New York State border. We hiked the Bearfort Ridge Trail. (Thanks to the recommendation from our neighbor Becky.) It’s beautiful and rugged, with a lot of uphill and downhill. Leaves are turning yellow and red and falling. There are lots of great big rocks that look like half-buried dinosaurs, ready to re-animate in some special-effects-heavy movie. We didn’t get all that far – maybe two-miles in… so we didn’t get to the lake, which sounds beautiful. We did get up high enough to get some expansive views.

Maeve and I resting on the rocks at Bearfort Mountain

Maeve and I resting on the rocks at Bearfort Mountain

We hiked fairly light – just one backpack that Carrie and I traded off carrying. I carried Maeve on my front with a Britax carrier thingie. Generally I like the Moby carrier best, but it was in the laundry. The Britax is adjustable, so Carrie and I can trade off with it. It keeps Maeve up fairly high so I can look into her eyes… though she often sleeps for most of the time that I am actually walking, then wakes up when I stop. It doesn’t feel like the carrier throws off my balance. Maeve is about 13-14 pounds, and having her in front, and a light backpack on my back balances out well. And it wasn’t especially challenging terrain – not mountain-climbing – just a day hike.

Maeve (and her parents) taking a rest from the carrier

Maeve (and her parents) taking a rest from the carrier

Maeve did really well. She slept a lot in the car, and most of the way up… but a lot of time she was awake and alert and looking around. I think that she likes contrasting light. She sometimes stares at light through tree leaves, light coming through windows, and just looks up and around while we’re out walking. It seems like she’s trying to take it all in, make sense of what she’s seeing.

She did take one of champion poops at the end of the hike. It’s very common that she eliminates when she gets out of the carrier. She did ok in the car seat most of the time… though coming home I think she was a bit overstimulated from all the activity, so she had a good hollering cry.

It was great to get out into the woods and get some exercise… and to expose our daughter to something we really value. My wife Carrie and I really love cities (including great art museums and galleries)… but we also like to get out into the quiet, tree-lined places now and then, too.

For previous week (week 9) go here. For next week (week 11) go here. More Maeve photos on Instagram (username joelinton63) and Maeve sketches at my art blog Handmade Ransom Notes.


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