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Very Serious Nonsense

21 November 2013

We’ve been enjoying reading books to our now nearly 4-month old daughter Maeve. Maeve clearly doesn’t fully understand what we’re reading, but it does keep her attention most of the time. I hope it makes here comfortable with and interested in books. And I can only improvise, count and narrate so much, so having books to read out loud is good.

What I am enjoying reading most is Dr. Seuss, pen name of Ted Geisel Having a chance to go back and read and re-read stuff out loud has been fun. The incessant rhymes are great – my favorite lately: “a muddle puddle tweetle poodle beetle noodle bottle paddle battle” – not quite Sondheim, but great rhyming that deserves to be said out loud over and over. What I am also enjoying is picking up on some of Seuss’ social commentary.  (more…)