Joe’s Very Own Birth Announcement

"STORK HEIR-LINES announce" Front cover for Joseph Russell Linton's birth announcement

“STORK HEIR-LINES announce” Front cover for Joseph Russell Linton’s birth announcement

In preparation for moving back to Los Angeles (soon, but no definite date yet), we’ve been going through my boxes, piles, files, racks, shelves, drawers of stuff, stuff and stuff. Sorting some things, tossing some, giving some things away. I came across my very own birth announcement. I’ve posted pictures of the front (above) and the inside (below.)

The inside of my very own birth announcement

The inside of my very own birth announcement

It’s even more meaningful now that Carrie and I recently did our own birth announcement for our first born, Maeve Margaret Linton Lincourt. I was born in Portland Oregon on August 28th 1963 – a day I share with the civil rights March on Washington, and a day I share with Jack Kirby. I think that my mom’s choice of birth announcement is good. It’s cute. It’s Hallmark. It says “Stork Heir-Lines announce… the arrival of a new model.” I learned that I was born at 9:26am – and that I weighed a whopping 10pounds 7ounces. It features my mother‘s handwriting – I still miss her.

The card is color printed simply on one side and folded twice to form the inside.

birth announcement folded out

birth announcement folded out

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2 Responses to “Joe’s Very Own Birth Announcement”

  1. Liz Linton Gastil Says:

    But why is Mom the co-pilot and Daddy the pilot?

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