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10-Month-Old Maeve Speaks First Real Word Today: “Mama”

4 June 2014
What Maeve looks like today!

What Maeve looks like today!

Maeve is 10 months old. I’ve been busy writing full time over at Streetsblog Los Angeles, so I haven’t posted here, but I wanted to do a quick piece on Maeve’s first word. Uttered today. “Mama.”

She’s been babbling a lot for a couple months. The first word isn’t so much a quantum leap or a corner turned. It’s more another nudge forward along a gradual continuum. She’s been saying stuff like “muh-muh-merm-muh-uh” to Carrie for around a month, and “dah-duh-duh-diem” to me for a similar time.

Today, on the bed, reaching up to Carrie, she blurted out a clear concise “mama!”