Spotting Some Crossed Plus One Hundred References

Crossed Plus One Hundred No.1, future tense variant cover (left) which is an homage to Ralph 124c 41+ cover (right.)

Crossed Plus One Hundred No.1, future tense variant cover (left) which is an homage to Ralph 124c 41+ cover (right.)

As I wrote about in this earlier post, I’ve been going through Alan Moore‘s new comic Crossed Plus One Hundred and annotating it. For folks interested in the details of CPOH, see my annotations and glossary pages. I thought I’d post three of the more visual gems I found. Click on any of the images to see larger versions. 

CPOH is written by Alan Moore and the art is Gabriel Andrade. Moore tends to do copious research, so tend to I credit him with these “swipes” or homages… but it could well be Andrade. Who knows? Update: I am honored that CPOH artist Gabriel Andrade commented below! He states that the cover above was Moore’s idea, and the building references below were Andrade’s. 

Above is a Crossed Plus One Hundred No.1 “future tense” variant cover by Andrade that Moore mentioned was based on a famous work of science fiction literature. The early 20th century novel Ralph 124C 41+ (by Hugo Gernsback who is the Hugo of the Hugo Awards for science fiction) is mentioned in the CPOH story, so it didn’t take too much work to find the cover source: the 1924 first edition Ralph 124C 41+. The 124C 41+ is a sort of text-speak meaning “one to foresee for one another”. More CPOH variant covers here.

Below are two locations I was able to find using Google street view:

pnale from

Crossed Plus One Hundred No.1, P6,p4 shows an abandoned public library in Columbia, TN (above) and the actual Maury County Public Library there (below)

The Maury County Public Library, located in Columbia, TN, is featured prominently in CPOH No.1.


Crossed Plus One Hundred No.1, P15,p1 shows an abandoned church in Jackson, TN (left) and the actual First United Methodist Church there (right)

Later in the story, the CPOH archive crew visits the First United Methodist Church, located in Jackson, TN

So far, just the first issue is out. I’ll keep posting new Crossed Plus One Hundred annotations here.

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6 Responses to “Spotting Some Crossed Plus One Hundred References”

  1. literaturegradstudent Says:

    Thank you. Bloggers annotating Alan Moore comics are truly doing the lord’s work

  2. Gabriel Andrade Jr Says:

    Very Cool !!! The cover homage is suggested by mr Moore, but the references to real places is made by myself 🙂

  3. dvn61danny Says:

    How cools that!. Now this site has some serious cred. 🙂

  4. Hypo-Calvinist Says:

    It’s funny, just a couple of hours ago, I was reading some of the annotations of Providence from the “Facts in the Case of Alan Moore’s Providence” site, which led me down a Wikipedia hole starting with the (successful as of just this month) push to change the physical form of the World Fantasy Award (formerly a caricatured bust of H.P. Lovecraft) in light of Lovecraft’s racism. This in turn led to accounts of (publisher and namesake of the Hugo Award) Hugo Gernsback’s self-important dickishness and theft of his writer’s wages. Which itself brought me to Gernsback’s authorship of what is by most accounts an incredibly influential and amazingly boring story “Ralph 124c 41+”. So I had a bit of a chuckle when further reading of the annotations brought me here to the second mention of “Ralph 124c 41+” in both my life and the past hour. Hopefully my long-winded story of synchronicity isn’t quite as boring to a third party as if I had described my dreams.

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