More Crossed Plus 100 Questions


Readers solved many of the comics annotation reference mysteries I put out in this February 2015 post. A couple more issues of Alan Moore and Gabriel Andrade’s Crossed Plus One Hundred have hit the stands; I have posted annotations for No.3 here and No.4 here. But there are things I haven’t figured out, so I am going to toss out some more questions to readers.

Movie theater marquee from CPOH No.3, Page 14, panel 1 - art by Gabriel Andrade

Movie theater marquee detail from CPOH No.3, Page 14, panel 1 – art by Gabriel Andrade

1. What does the Chooga movie marquee say?

In Crossed Plus One Hundred No. 3, there’s a movie marquee in the human settlement in the year 2108 Chattanooga that has some letters left over from when it last showed films in the year 2008. It’s clear that one of the films was “Mama Mia!” which was released July 18th, 2008. On the right side of the marquee it says “_WR__R_” and “_LO_REI_” which should also be partial names of 2008 films. The “LO_REI” one could more-or-less be “Cloverfield” released January 2008, and suitably apocalyptic to match the CPOH world. I haven’t found anything else these might stand for. They’re probably the names of 2008 films, though they could say something like “coming soon,” “double feature,” “air conditioned”, or “eat popcorn”. Any ideas?

Images of 2008's The Surprise from the first pages of CPOH No.4 - art by Gabriel Andrade

Images of 2008’s The Surprise from the first pages of CPOH No.4 – art by Gabriel Andrade

2. Are these The Surprise scenes from earlier Crossed comics?

Crossed Plus One Hundred No.4 opens up with three pages showing what was happening a hundred years ago during “The Surprise” – the initial 2008 Crossed epidemic outbreak. The first panel shows Andrade’s version of an airplane crash that took place in the very first Garth Ennis / Jacen Burrows issue of Crossed. The subsequent panels show fairly specific scenes (in snow, in Japan) that I suspect are from other Crossed comics that I haven’t read yet. Any Crossed readers out there recognize these images?

3. Outstanding questions from earlier issues 

See this earlier post: What does CPOH2 Future Tense cover have to do with The Return of the King? What does “bosol” mean? More questions about identifying building, subway signs, album covers, etc.

The annotations are very much a work in progress. They’re getting better thanks to all the commenters who’ve already helped a lot. Including CPOH artist Gabriel Andrade, who I’ve been really happy to see weighing in on a few things.

Also more fodder for Alan Moore fans: I’ve been doing some other Alan Moore annotations: his 2014 one-shot God Is Dead story “Grandeur and Monstrosity”.  It’s about the snake god Glycon, and the annotations are not that far along yet. I’ve teamed up with author Robert Derie to annotate Alan Moore’s H.P. Lovecraft inspired series Neonomicon and Providence, which we’re doing at a new site called Facts in the Cast of Alan Moore’s Providence. And if all else fails, we’ll always have Splash Brannigan.

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5 Responses to “More Crossed Plus 100 Questions”

  1. dvn61 Says:

    Question 3 has been driving me nuts. I vaguely recall seeing a copy of the Return of the King with rampaging orcs on it, but can’t find it on the web anywhere? I believe that ‘s what the cover was based on. Gabriel help us here?

    • Gabriel Andrade Jr Says:

      Bosol … That question is answered in issue # 6.

      • Joe Linton Says:

        yes! bosol, bafol too – I need to go back in and make notes on these questions (and do a review/revision of my annotations, too) now that the first 6 issues are done. Thank you for great work, Mr. Andrade!

        (Want to give us any hints on the Tolkien source for CPOH2 Future Tense cover?!?)

  2. oddforum Says:

    The _ WR _ R one is most probably the THE WRESTLER (you can also the TH

    Can’t work out the other one though.

  3. oddforum Says:

    Sorry there was a left over few letters in my post. I wondered if the TH on the front of the marquee sign might have been the ‘THE’ from the ‘THE WRESTLER’.

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