Alan Moore Rarity – LOEG: The Tempest Ashcan Promo


Cover of LOEG: The Tempest promotional ashcan – art by Kevin O’Neill

I made it down to 2018 WonderCon in Anaheim last Friday to get my hands on what looks like it could be a somewhat rare collectors item comic: an IDW “ashcan” promoting the upcoming The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen volume 4 comic The Tempest. The first issue of LOEG: The Tempest is due out in June 2018.

The promotional giveaway features three pages of house ads, the cover (right), and two pages of art from the issue. These art pages include the original Kevin O’Neill black and white art, and the colored and lettered version of the same pages, specifically page 3 and page 5 of The Tempest #1. The color images have already been shared at Bleeding Cool, but see also my 2-page-spread photos below. 

LOEG: The Tempest ashcan page 3 art by Kevin O’Neill

LOEG: The Tempest ashcan page 3 art by Kevin O’Neill

The promotional LOEG: Tempest ashcan measures 9 by 5 3/4ths inches (22.8cm by 14.8cm) – just smaller than the traditional 10 1/8 by 6 5/8ths inches.

Moore fans are probably aware that there is another LOEG: Tempest preview page making the internet rounds – find it at Bleeding Cool.

My understanding is that my favorite Alan Moore annotator, Jess Nevins, will be coming out of annotations semi-retirement to head up crowd-sourced annotations for the new LOEG series. If you’re a Moore fan and you don’t already have Nevins’ books of annotations for LOEG volumes one, two, and Black Dossier, you should. Find his annotations online for LOEG: Century 191019692009 and Nemo:  Heart of Ice, The Roses of Berlin, and River of Ghosts.

If you’re a fan of Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill, and you haven’t already, check out the Cinema Purgatorio annotations site that Alexx Kay and I manage. Find many more Moore annotations, most of which I’ve had a hand in, here.

I did manage to get a few extra copies of The Tempest promo ashcan- and am looking to swap them with other Alan Moore completists out there. If you’re interested, email me at linton.joe at gmail dot com.

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