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The Very Serious Alan Moore Blurb Quiz

11 December 2019

Alan Moore (photo via Pinterest)

As a die-hard Alan Moore fan, I’ve taken to picking up many books that Moore recommends. Below is a rather silly quiz that may appeal to Moore completists like me. All the quotes below are from Alan Moore – primarily from cover blurbs, but also including a few similar blurb-like statements in introductions, reviews, interviews, etc.

See how many questions you can answer correctly. There’s nothing more than bragging rights at stake, so looking stuff up on the internet is considered cheating, strongly discouraged, and it really won’t help too much for obscure stuff I’ve included.

Some notes:

  • First, apologies that I didn’t go to the trouble of tracking down actual quiz software here – can anyone recommend a WordPress quiz plug-in that you trust? I’ve used the standard WordPress poll feature. Use the comments to share how many answers you got correct.
  • Choices are listed alphabetically by first listed creator.
  • I’ve omitted titles, genders, and names that would give away the answer. For series, I haven’t included volume number in the question.
  • I’ve included many somewhat obscure books, but I didn’t actually make anything up. All of the titles mentioned below actually exist. Moore has lots of great collaborators and comics industry friends who’ve done lots of great work.
  • Some of these blurbs are very short (and some feel a bit dated), hence difficult to make sense of outside of the context where they appear.
  • Updated: My Alan Moore fan friends are saying this is too difficult… so I tweaked it slightly (adding a bit more specifics of what Moore wrote on two items) to make it a couple percent easier. As I hinted at above, it’s probably helpful to think of these in the context of Moore writing them at the time the work first came out.

Enjoy! (more…)