Crossed Plus One Hundred Annotations Index

detail from CPOH, Volume 1, TPB cover - art by Gabriel Andrade

detail from CPOH, Volume 1, cover – art by Gabriel Andrade

Below are all of the Crossed Plus One Hundred stories, as far as we know. The first three arcs of CPOH are complete, and though these annotation pages are more-or-less completed, they remain works in progress. Please comment to correct errors and to fill in things that are missing.

NEW! In late December 2017, Avatar announced a new series Crossed Plus One Hundred: Mimic. The series, which hit comics shops in May 2018, is written by Christos Gage, with art by Emiliano Urdinola. It includes back-up “American History X” stories written by Patrick Shand and drawn by Raulo Caceres. Regular covers are by the excellent original CPOH artist Gabriel Andrade (who already works with Gage on the Moore-curated Cinema Purgatorio series The Vast.) There will be plenty more variant covers, too. The Periodic Fable is annotating the new CPOHM series – see individual issue pages linked below.

WARNING: SPOILERS – all pages except the intro/background page

0. Crossed Plus One Hundred introduction (non-spoiler basic background includes themes, influences, and cast of recurring characters)

1. Crossed Plus One Hundred stories by Alan Moore and Gabriel Andrade:

2. Crossed Plus One Hundred stories written by Simon Spurrier, with artists Fernando Heinz, Rafa Ortiz, and Martín Túnica, with series outline by Alan Moore:

3. Crossed Plus One Hundred: Mimic stories by Christos Gage and Emiliano Urdinola, with back-up stories by Patrick Shand and Raulo Caceres (1-5) and Gabriel Andrade (6):

4. Crossed Plus One Hundred miscellany

Crossed Plus One Hundred artist Gabriel Andrade. Behind him are inked pages from CPOH1.

Crossed Plus One Hundred artist Gabriel Andrade. Behind him are inked pages from CPOH1. Photo via Gabriel Andrade’s Facebook page

5. Some Crossed Plus One Hundred links

See this page for more of my Alan Moore annotations.

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