Crossed Plus One Hundred 13

CPOH13 cover by Rafa Ortiz

CPOH13 cover by Gabriel Andrade

Below are annotations for Crossed Plus One Hundred, No. 13 “Inverted World” (24 pages, cover date December 2015, released 20 January, 2016)

Writer: Simon Spurrier, Artist: Rafa Ortiz, Series Outline: Alan Moore

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Note: some of this stuff is obvious. If there’s stuff I missed or got wrong, let me know in comments, or email linton.joe [at]


General: Taylor takes part of the siege of Kingstenn, led by Captain Bailey, who kills the apparently-last Crossed barter-born child. In Kingstenn, Taylor finds a coded version of Beau Salt’s final journal. She returns to Murfreesboro, reunites with Mustaqba.


  • The central kneeling figure is Future Taylor.
  • Taylor is looking up at an image of Beau Salt.

Page 1

panel 1

  • The central figure is Future Taylor.
  • It is 2114. The location is Kingston, Tennessee.

panel 2

  • First appearance of archivist apprentice Ufoq. It looks like (from this page) that Ufoq may mean “horizon” in a language from Afghanistan? Readers – can you figure out what language?
  • Panels 2 and 3 constitute a fixed-camera sequence.

Page 2

panel 1

Page 3

panel 1

  • Left to right are: Ufoq, Captain Bailey, Lieutenant Steady, and Taylor. Bailey first appeared as Trackjack Bailey (CPOH11 P4,p1) and now he is Captain Bailey.

panel 5

  • Taylor’s title has been upgraded, too. She was just archivist, now “chief archivist”.

Page 4

panel 1-2

  • “I was here, true witness, when the emissary came. They tried to make me tithe…” refers to the events of CPOH8.
  • “The emissary” isn’t entirely clear. This may be a name for Robbie Greer/Jokemercy?

Page 5-6 – no specific annotations

Page 7

panel 2

  • “Since we sta[r]ted the camp pain” and “the Grand Mop” seems like Murfreesboros humans have undertaken a major campaign offensive against the Crossed.

Page 8

panel 4

  • “The Cling” is not entirely clear – it may be the first name of Lieutenant Cling, the blonde-haired woman who accompanies Bailey.

Page 9

panel 4-5

  • Taylor was there (see CPOH8); she is lying here.

Page 10

panel 1

  • The man is Beau Salt, Crossed leader detailed in CPOH5.

Page 11 – no specific annotations

Page 12

panel 1

  • The child is apparently the baby shown on the last page of CPOH8. Apparently (next page) these are called “barter-borns.”

Page 13 – no specific annotations

Page 14

panel 1

panel 3

  • The coded language here does not quite fully make sense. Here is a transcription:
    In CPOH14 P10,p3 Taylor gives readers the key: “Split the afterbet so’s “A” becomes “N”, “B” becomes “O”, and similarforth.” Below is the result using this to decode. Read forward, these do not make sense, though some of the text makes words once reversed:
    NOZIROHTN… – reversed: NT HORIZON
    IDEHTVINGI… – reversed: IGNIV THE DI
    OHYMFOECALP… – reversed:  PLACE OF MY HO
    UOJYMO… DOC – reversed: COD[e?] … O MY JOU[rnal?]
    ASEVITC… IDDN – reversed: [a?]ND DI … [a?]CTIVE SA
    ASNOI.. ELFER – reversed: REFLE[ct?]ION SA

panel 5

  • “Book that wouldn’t stay buried” alludes to Taylor burying her journal in CPOH12.

Page 15

panel 1

panel 2

  • The woman in the white headscarf is Ima’am Fajr.

Page 16

panel 2

  • “I haven’t opsied her [Cautious Optimism Kriswyczki] since th–” likely refers to Kriswyczki’s escaping in the gappler McBlarney’s balloon (CPOH12 P12).

panel 4

  • Radionet’s “high frequency clicking and whistling” is not entirely clear, perhaps the modem sound from early dial-un internet.
  • “The gappler’s real-a at the railhead” and “it’s breakin’ down, constant” are not clear either.

Page 17-18 – no specific annotations

Page 19

panel 1

  • First appearance of Farid, Jameela “Jam”.

panel 4

  • “Year-one” is not entirely clear, could be one year after the start of the Great Mop.

Page 20

panel 3

  • The strings and cans appear to be a crude home alarm system.

Page 21

panel 4-5

  • The man is Mustaqba, Taylor’s love interest, who apparently quit archiving (see P15,p4 above) and moved to the suburbs.

Page 22

panel 4-5

  • “Didn’t even need the straps… Good as gold” is unclear.

Page 23

panel 3

  • July 17 2114 is just under five years since CPOH12 ended in August 2109. Ominously it is ten days short of the 106th anniversary of The Surprise: July 27, 2114.

Page 24

panel 1

  • Inverted World” is the title of a 1974 science fiction novel by Christopher Priest.
  • It is not clear who this person is. I thought it might be Cautious Optimism Kriswyczki, but on second look, I think it might be the roughly 5-year-old barter-baby seen on P24 of CPOH12.


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  1. Elijah Says:

    I think the American History X cover is supposed to be Farnham’s Freehold.

    • Joe Linton Says:

      Maybe… though that’s a fictional place (based on Colorado Springs, apparently – according to Wikipedia), and the American History X covers are supposed to be real places. I’ve got those covers all posted here.

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