Crossed Plus One Hundred: Mimic 06

Crossed Plus One Hundred: Mimic No. 6 regular cover, art by Gabriel Andrade

Below are annotations for Crossed Plus One Hundred: Mimic, No. 6 (48 pages: 22- and 8-page stories, 14 gallery pages, 4 house ad pages; cover date October 2018, released 31 October 2018)

Main story “Brave New War” (22 pages)
Writer: Christos Gage, Artist: Emiliano Urdinola

Backup American History X story “2108” (8 pages)
Writer: Pat Shand, Artist: Gabriel Andrade, based upon a concept by: Alan Moore

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Note: some of this stuff is obvious. If there’s stuff I missed or got wrong, let me know in comments, or email linton.joe [at]


General: This issue is due out next week – Wednesday October 31, 2018.


  • Early publicized versions of the cover (see above right) show Raulo Caceres – but the actual print edition has Gabriel Andrade.

Opening Pages

Page 1

panel 1

  • The date is circa 2108. The location is the now-Crossed-conquered human settlement compound in Casper, Wyoming.
  • The voice may be Commander Chief Nathan.

Page 2

panel 1

  • This depicts Commander Chief Nathan.

panel 2

  • The woman with black hair is Archivist Julie.

panel 3

  • “You’re support” emphasizes the military hierarchy, with this soldier underestimating Julie, unable to perceive her as a combatant (a role she has been training for.)

panel 4

  • Julie is lying.

Page 3  – no specific annotations

Page 4

panel 4

  • First indication that Nathan means to “mop” (kill) Julie.

Page 5

panels 1-2

Pages 6-7 – no specific annotations

Page 8

panel 1

  • Looking through the binoculars is the intelligent Crossed Fleshcook.

panel 3

  • “Bio-boobies” are biological booby-traps. The Crossed archer has attached a small bag of Crossed blood (visible in panel 2) in order to infect people.

Page 9

panel 2

  • “Beau Salt stressed the importance of a dignified bearing” again (see CPOHM3 P14,p1) references Salt’s journal from CPOH5 P14,p1.

panel 4

Page 10 – no specific annotations

Page 11

panel 2

  • “The strong can do what they want to the weak” could describe the way Archivist Julie was raped – shown CPOHM1 P9,p2.

panel 3

  • Nathan’s arrogance in saying “I’ll last long enough…” is richly ironic. He does not.

Page 12  – no specific annotations

Page 13

panel 1

  • “New Castle” is the city of Newcastle, WY.
  • “Rap City” is apparently Rapid City in South Dakota.
  • Both of these settlements were mentioned in CPOHM1 P15,p3.

Page 14

panels 1-2

  • First overt indication of a romantic connection between Julie and Fleshcook.

panel 3

  • They “can never touch” because Julie would become infected.

Cover of Brave New War by John Robb

panel 4

Page 15  – no specific annotations

Pages 16-17

panel 1

panel 2

  • Here, through panel 4, Julie is lying.

panel 3

  • First mention of individual named D-Day Kendall. D-Day refers to the day allied forces invaded Normandie in WWII.

panel 5

  • The location is still Casper, WY. The mountains on the left may be Casper Mountain. Fleshcook and Julie’s truck is on the right. Note the open bed truck of Crossed on the far left.

Page 18

panel 2

  • “Settles that live different” would include Murfreesboro and Chooga, which are more egalitarian.

Page 19

panel 1

  • The location is apparently the “New Castle” human settlement, in the location of today’s city of Newcastle, WY.

panels 2-3

  • These form a fixed-camera sequence.
  • “Infecteds never did anything peoples didn’t do first” is an ongoing theme of Crossed+100, and Crossed comics in general.
  • In panel 3, the Crossed is using urine to infect the man.
  • “Slavers” refers back to America’s history of slavery.
  • “Axises” refers to the Axis powers during WWII.

Pages 20-22 – no specific annotations

In-Between Pages (What’s the word for these??)

Backstory Page 1

panel 1

  • The location is the Appalachian Crossed settlement, shown extensively in CPOH5.
  • The year is, of course, 2108. The date is probably just before July 24, 2108 (perhaps July 23 or 22.) The Crossed depart, then travel for a day or so (crossing Taylor’s path overnight on July 24/25, then siege Chooga the morning of July 27. (See CPOH Timeline)
  • “Before-Chooga” indicates that this is just before the siege of Chooga (the human settlement at Chattanooga, TN) depicted in CPOH6.
  • “Peepull” is Crossed-spelling of “people.”

A building in the Appalachian Crossed settlement on the Crossed+100  No.5 Crossed Culture Variant Cover, art by Gabriel Andrade

panel 2

  • This is Robbie Greer/Jokemercy, the intelligent Crossed who infiltrated Chooga in CPOH1-5. On July 23, prior to the siege of Chooga, Greer went out on a battlebus with Frank Giancoma, Morning Addison, and Nudie Wales. Apparently Greer infected Addison and Wales right away, then drove to Appalachia.

panel 3

  • First appearance of the Crossed named Cockrip.
  • The location (made clearer on the next page) is the “believe-center” (essentially a church) where “all these seats are peoples, used to be” shown in CPOH5 P11.

Page 2

panel 1

  • The pews made out of skulls are the same as shown on CPOH5 P11,p5.

panels 3-4

  • The greenish tone here (and through P4,p3) indicate a flashback.

Page 3

panel 2

  • This training Crossed to have some self-control is similar to the one shown on CPOH3 P7-8. The earlier training is similar to the one happening in the present – pages 1-2 and 4-6 here.

panel 4

  • The Beau Salt Crossed typically speak more plain English  (see CPOH5 P8,p5) than 2108-speak like audy/audie. Perhaps this Crossed (apparently a son of Beau Salt) learned 2108-speak as part of some kind of infiltration program? or else somehow otherwise spent time in human settlements?

panel 6

  • The surprise is the 2108 term for the day the Crossed outbreak began. Here it probably means the seige of Chooga, which takes place exactly 100 years after the day the outbreak started.

Pages 4-6 – no specific annotations

Page 7

panel 1

  • This appears to be Greer again – see P1,p2 above – as the Crossed depart Appalachia for Chooga. (From CPOH6 it seemed like Greer returned to Chooga driving the battlebus, but that is not actually shown. According this 2108 backstory, Greer apparently wasn’t on the bus, but rode the horse instead. The timeline would be right away on July 23 Greer infected Addison, Giancoma, and Wales. He then drove right away to the Crossed settlement. He donned into his Crossed outfit, and got on a horse to be part of the siege party. Meanwhile some other Crossed drove the battlebus to Chooga. )

panel 2

  • This is the July 27, 2108, siege of Chooga.

Page 8  – no specific annotations

End Pages


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  1. ragheadthefiendlyterrorist Says:

    I can’t see how that could possibly be Jokemercy, who was black, and whose face had been burnt in childhood to camouflage his cross rash.

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