Crossed Plus One Hundred: Mimic – Miscellaneous Collections and Covers

As of this writing (30 December 2018) the Crossed+100: Mimic collected edition has not come out yet.

There are, however, lots of covers. For each issue 1-6, there are at least ten covers:

  1. Regular cover – by Gabriel Andrade. These are shown in the annotations pages.
  2. American History X – by Raulo Caceres. These covers correspond to the Shand/Caceres backstory in each issue. See examples.
  3. Crossing Over – set of three: Attack, Bloody, Crossing Over – all by Matt Martin. These are limited to 250 issues and priced at $9.99. See examples.
  4. Fatal Fantasy – by Renato Camilo. These feature adult takes on fairy tales. See examples.
  5. Hellish Homage – by Renato Camilo. These covers homage early comics covers. See examples.
  6. History X wraparound – by Raulo Caceres. These wrap covers also correspond to the Shand/Caceres backstory in each issue. See examples.
  7. Ms Mayhem – by Christian Zanier. These feature the character Ms Mayhem. See examples.
  8. Century (of Blood) – by various artists. These are limited to 100 issues and priced at $9.99. These covers are generally black and white, featuring either line-only or pencil-only versions of other covers. For example, Mimic Century #1 features the uncolored Andrade Crossed+100 art from the cover of Bleeding Cool #14.

In addition to these covers, there are a few extra versions. For example, Mimic #1 is available with a special “leather” variant, a “red leather” variant, seven different “fifty shades” variants, and perhaps others.

Crossed Plus One Hundred: Mimic No.1 New World Order bonus art edition/cover – art by Gabriel Andrade

There is also a set of “New World Order” cover issues with “bonus pages.” The 13 NWO issues are limited to 333 copies, have no cover price, and are apparently only sold online from Avatar Press. In addition to new covers, in the middle of each of these issues are 8 pages of additional artwork, generally earlier Crossed covers.

  1. Mimic #1 NWO – one cover by Gabriel Andrade.
    (NWO gallery features cover art from: Matt Martin Crossed: Badlands No.59 Fatal FantasyCrossed: Badlands No.60 Fatal FantasyCrossed Special 2013 Volleyball and Renato Camilo CPOHM2 Fatal Fantasy, and CPOHM4 Hellish Homage [based on Henry Kiefer’s Chilling Tales 16] and Paul Duffield Crossed: Family Values No.2 Torture and Crossed: Family Values No.2 Philadelphia and Crossed: Badlands No.63 Fatal Fantasy.)
  2. Mimic #2 NWO – three interlocking covers by Raulo Caceres
    (NWO gallery features cover art from: Raulo Caceres CPOHM1 American History X, CPOHM1 History X wrap, CPOHM2 History X wrap, CPOHM3 History X wrap, and CPOHM2 American History X. Note that each of these images is slightly different than the cover – in the NWO version the Crossed woman is naked or more naked than the original.)
  3. Mimic #3 NWO – two covers: True Love by Matt Martin, and Ms. Mayhem by Christian Zanier
    (NWO gallery description inside cover is incorrect – features cover art from Matt Martin
  4. Mimic #4 NWO – three covers: Ms. Mayhem Origin A, B, and C by Christian Zanier
  5. Mimic #5 NWO – two covers: Fall of Fantasyland A and B by Renato Camilo
  6. Mimic #6 NWO – two covers: Fall of Fantasyland C and D by Renato Camilo
    (NWO gallery also features Caceres versions slightly different – more naked – than earlier covers)

Of particular interest to the Crossed+100 mythos are the Andrade and Caceres covers.

Raulo Caceres Crossed: Mimic No.2 NWO cover image – via Caceres website

The CPOHM No.2 NWO cover depicts the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse from the book of Revelations. In a 2018 interview Caceres describes these covers as follows:

These covers do not refer to any picture on this subject. They are only inspired by the Biblical text of the Apocalypse and its religious interpretations.

Death: Classical representations of this rider were associated with the plague. I updated the plague and associated it with nuclear radiation and chemical warfare. Death is followed by an army of mutant mutants, deformed by radiation.

Hunger: Traditionally represented with a grain balance, I made her fat, well fed and with a scale that has the DNA chain in reference to transgenics. Her Crossed are fat fattened cannibals.

War: This rider used to be represented with a sword, and I have maintained that, but added modern elements including pistols (in reference to the world business of arms sales).

Conquest: According to tradition, this rider represents the success of the expansion of the message of Christ; that is why I have put (biblical) text on the body of the white horse and its victims are children indoctrinated with the brain washed (the arrows are all stuck in the head).

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