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Gabriel Andrade Pencils, Inks and Color for Page 8 of CPOH2

13 July 2015
Crossed Plus One Hundred No.2 P8 - art by Gabriel Andrade

Crossed Plus One Hundred No.2 P8 – penciled, inked and colored. Art by Gabriel Andrade, image from his Facebook page. Colored by Digikore Studios

Here are a couple more Crossed Plus One Hundred images from artist Gabriel Andrade’s Facebook page. Above is a comparative image showing his process from pencils to inks to final colored comic page (click on any image to enlarge.) As much as I am really enjoying Andrade’s excellent work, that comparison image makes me more appreciative of Digikore Studios coloring job – especially the sky. And below is another Andrade piece, (more…)


A Magical ‘Into the Woods’ at the Wallis Annenberg Center

13 December 2014
Into the Woods production photo - from Annenberg Center website

Into the Woods production photo – from Annenberg Center website

Last Thursday night, my wife Carrie and I and our friend (and my mom’s close friend) Michael went to see Into the Woods on stage at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. It was wonderful.

Spoiler Note: if you’re about to go see this production, don’t read after the jump below. There’s a great trick that you’ll want to be surprised by.

I’ve seen Into the Woods over a half-dozen times on stage, including seeing an early version of the musical in San Diego before it went to Broadway. I’ve watched the basic video of the Broadway cast performance maybe a dozen times. I’ve listened to the cast recording more than a hundred times.

My mom was a huge Stephen Sondheim fan. So we would go see Sondheim musicals being performed all around greater Los Angeles. I’ve written a little about Sondheim earlier at this blog: here, here, and here.

I subjected my wife to the original Broadway cast video, and even (thanks, Michael!) to the recent 20-year original cast reunion performance in Orange County, but this was her first time seeing Into the Woods live on stage. I read about the Annenberg performance and was interested to see it on stage, in part, because there’s a big Into the Woods movie that’s about to come out, and I wanted my wife to see it on stage before she sees it on the big screen. Though I am sometimes disappointed with books I like being made into movies, I am looking forward to the Into the Woods movie. I expect that it will introduce this great work to a much broader audience. But… it’s going to be a new interpretation, with some edits and some liberties taken… and it’s likely to carve a deep groove. I expect that my wife and my daughter and I will see the film version over and over.

All that to say that I was really looking forward to seeing the stage version.

And it didn’t disappoint.


MoMA Highlight: Doris Salcedo Sculpture

21 January 2013
untitled work by Doris Salcedo - installed at MoMA

untitled work by Doris Salcedo – installed at MoMA

Carrie and I went to MoMA – New York City’s Museum of Modern Art – last week. In addition to artists whose work I already enjoy (Beckmann, Cornell, and many more), I was happy to encounter three pieces of sculpture by Doris Salcedo.  (more…)

Mom’s Art 2: Collages and a Cactus Drawing

7 September 2012

Inside cover of Mom and Paige’s collage book. Text reads: this book was made by Paige Gastil and Grandma Marge Linton – finished in 2002

Thinking of my mom lately… wishing she was still around. Mom was pretty creative, but I think poured a lot of that energy into raising four kids.

I posted a few of my mom’s Stockholm drawings earlier here, today it’s some collages that she did with my niece Paige. (more…)

Mom’s Art 1: Stockholm Drawings

11 August 2012

Riksdaghuset (Parliament Building in Stockholm, Sweden), drawing by Marge Linton, done in the late 1950s, pencil on paper, about 8.5″x11″

Here are a couple of pencil drawings that my mother did during her junior year abroad in Stockholm. Margaret Gerhardt Linton 1937-2011, then Margaret Eunice Gerhardt – mom – was a junior at Occidental College, she studied abroad for a year, during which she traveled quite a bit through various countries in Europe.  (more…)

One Oak Two Hands

14 July 2012

I was happy to see that my friend Katura Reynolds visited and sketched the Los Osos Oaks (near San Luis Obispo, CA.) It’s one of my favorite places to visit and to sketch. She posted a series of oaks sketches at her site The Humble Act of Sketching.

I was happy to spot that we actually both sketched the same tree from more-or-less the same angle. Here’s Katura’s version: (I like her caption: “Remember when that oak swallowed up the hobbits in Fellowship of the Ring? Yeah.)

Katura Reynolds’ sketch of one of the great Los Osos Oaks.

and mine:

Los Osos Oak tree sketch by Joe Linton

I enjoy seeing the way everyone brings their individual style to every drawing. There are so many ways to balance tone, line, color, texture, etc. Artists are always simplifying, deciding (often unconsciously) what details tell the story… what to include, what to leave out.  (more…)

Art Show Preview

11 July 2012

My artwork hanging on the wall now at Barbara Mendes Gallery

A quick post to show some photos from my upcoming art show which opens this Sunday July 15 2012 at Barbara Mendes Gallery at 2701 South Robertson in Los Angeles. The show is called City and Country: Art by Rick Cummings and Joe Linton(more…)

3 July 2012

Reblogged from Handmade Ransom Notes – my art blog

Handmade Ransom Notes

Hey fans, art world investors, and other followers!!! At long last I’m going to have another art show. The show is called Country and City – Art by Rick Cummings and Joe Linton. The opening will be Sunday July 15th 2012 from 3pm to 7pm. The show runs July 12th 2012 through August 15th 2012 at the Barbara Mendes Gallery at 2701 South Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles 90034. 

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An Egon Schiele Homage of Mine

16 June 2012

I’ve been going through some of my old artwork to pull pieces for a show I am having at Barbara Mendes Gallery (opens July 17th 2012 – facebook event here.) I came across this piece which I still like, which I figured I’d share here (though I don’t plan to include it in the show):

Michelle Mascarenhas and Self Portrait, ink and watercolor on paper, 20 March 1999, about 9″x12″

It’s a portrait of Michelle, my girlfriend at the time, done with inspiration from this piece below.  (more…)

My Long Beach Symphony Orchestra Rehearsal Sketches

7 June 2012

Long Beach Symphony Orchestra rehearsal 15 November 1993, ink on paper

When I used to live in downtown Long Beach, I got season tickets to the concerts of the Long Beach Symphony Orchestra. LBSO, under conductor JoAnn Falletta, was excellent; they probably still are. Back in the early 1990s, in my opinion, they had a great balance between more familiar traditional classical music, plus contemporary and premier pieces – sometimes Latin American and other overlooked composers whom I hadn’t been familiar with.

One day I received, in the mail, one of those donor letters that asks if I have overpriced stocks or vacation homes that I would like to donate to LBSO. I wrote that, even though I don’t have extra homes lying around, I am an artist, and I think tossed in a photocopy of a drawing I’d done of a string quartet, and mailed it back. I’d done this with this type of solicitation before and hadn’t heard back… and didn’t really expect to hear back.

But, this time, I did.  (more…)