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Joe’s Very Own Birth Announcement

2 January 2014
"STORK HEIR-LINES announce" Front cover for Joseph Russell Linton's birth announcement

“STORK HEIR-LINES announce” Front cover for Joseph Russell Linton’s birth announcement

In preparation for moving back to Los Angeles (soon, but no definite date yet), we’ve been going through my boxes, piles, files, racks, shelves, drawers of stuff, stuff and stuff. Sorting some things, tossing some, giving some things away. I came across my very own birth announcement. I’ve posted pictures of the front (above) and the inside (below.) (more…)

Sharing My Birthdate with Jack Kirby

19 March 2012

Not Jack Kirby's greatest work, but a pretty Kirbyesque Kirby panel from Marvel Comics' Machine Man No. 3, 1978

For a long I have been happy to let folks know that I was born the very same day that Martin Luther King gave his “I have a dream” speech: August 28th 1963.

I was recently watching a documentary online, and learned that I share my birthdate with Jack Kirby – arguably the most important and most influential comic book artist of all time.

Jack Kirby was born Jacob Kurtzberg on August 28, 1917 and passed away February 6, 1994.