Crossed Plus One Hundred 17

Crossed Plus One Hundred No.17 regular cover – art by Gabriel Andrade

Crossed Plus One Hundred No.17 regular cover – art by Gabriel Andrade

Below are annotations for Crossed Plus One Hundred, No. 17 “Dying Inside” (22 pages, cover date July 2016, released 27 July 2016)

Writer: Simon Spurrier, Artist: Martín Túnica, Series Outline: Alan Moore

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Note: some of this stuff is obvious. If there’s stuff I missed or got wrong, let me know in comments, or email linton.joe [at]


General: quick basic annotations up.


  • The cover shows Future Taylor’s train heading downward as Bailey’s battle buses head upward.

Page 1

panel 1

  • Left to right are: Oneway MacBlarneyFuture Taylor, and Cautious Optimism Kriswyczki.
  • Mixed case captions are Taylor’s journal. July 22 2114 is the day after the events of CPOH16.
  • It appears that Taylor is, as her caption describes, not saying what she means. “Opsy [see] you real soon” might be more like “goodbye forever.”

panel 2

  • “The billies’ hidequarters” is the Greek Island Project bunker at Greenbrier America’s Resort – see CPOH16 P15.

panel 3

  • “Camp Genheim” is an outpost in West Virginia.
  • “Pale-cunt people” is pale-skinned Bailey, who is possibly albino.

Page 2

panel 2

  • “Wishful fiction… by a Burt Silverberg” refers to the 1972 science fiction novel Dying Inside by Robert Silverberg. As Taylor describes, the novel is about a telepath, a man who can read other people’s minds.

Page 3

panel 1

  • “I want your child to meet mine” refers to Kriswyczki’s not-yet-born baby meeting Taylor’s adopted Crossed “barter-baby” – shown xxx.

panel 3

  • Kriswyczki is referring to polite lies (which Taylor ignores – see CPOH14 P17) fictitiously explaining Oneway McBlarney’s father’s death (see CPOH12). “Genheim McBlarney” is Oneway’s father.

panel 4

  • This depicts a flashback to CPOH12. Left to right are the unnamed Crossed archer and Genheim McBlarney.

panel 5

  • “He was a gr–” is Taylor lying, agreeing with Oneway’s inaccurate version of his father’s death.
  • The off-panel voice is Crossed, setting up a page-turn reveal.

Page 4

panel 1

  • This is a dream sequence.
  • “You dun moidah on my paw” is “you done murder on my pa”, basically “you murdered my father.” This is not true (see CPOH12), but Taylor was present and did not stop the Crossed (with Bailey’s collusion) from killing Genheim.

Page 5

panel 3

  • “That literated I mentioned” – see P2,p2 above.

panel 5

Page 6

panel 1

  • Each issue of CPOH is titled after a science fiction novel. “Dying Insideis a 1972 science fiction novel by Robert Silverberg – see P2,p2 above.

Page 7

panel 1

  • First appearance this issue of Bailey.

panel 2

  • First appearance this issue of “Lieutenant Steady.”

panel 5

Page 8

panel 1

  • Bailey’s battle-bus, adorned with skulls and bones, appears similar to Crossed vehicles, horses, and weapons adorned with bones. Taylor states this declaring Bailey is “as bad as the churchfaced [Crossed].”
  • “New d cor” is “new decor.”

panel 2

  • “Kingstenn” is the human settlement in Kingston, TN – shown in CPOH8, see CPOH map page.
  • “Kicked on acquit” is more-or-less “came along after being freed/acquitted.”

Page 9

panel 1

  • It appears that Taylor is responding defensively. This is probably because she is secretly harboring an adopted Crossed barter-baby – so Bailey’s comment about the Kingstenn humans being sympathetic to the Crossed applies to Taylor.

panel 5

  • The bunk site described is the Greek Island Project bunker at Greenbriar America’s Resort – see CPOH16 P15.

Page 10 – no specific annotations

Page 11

panel 3

  • This panel repeats xxx. It depicts Crossed mastermind Beau Salt.

panel 4

  • “Wana from Insa” – see xxx.

Page 12

panel 1

  • This repeats scenes from xxx.

Page 13

panels 1-6

  • These repeat scenes from xxx.

panel 3

  • Decoding the pages (based on the letter subsitution shown earlier – see xxx) gives apparent gibberish:

Page 14

panel 1

  • “All working to the same lovely end” – suggest? xxx

Page 15

panel 2

  • First appearance this issue of Ima’am Fajr.

Page 16

panel 1

  • The location is Camp Genheim. Compare to xxx.

Page 17

panel 1

  • The unexplained clicking interference on radionet appeared earlier – see CPOH13 P16,p4.

Page 18

panels 4-6

  • These form a fixed-camera sequence.

Page 19

panel 3

  • These appear to be one of the crews about to attack the Crossed bunker at the Greek Island Project.

Page 20 – no specific annotations

Page 21

panel 1

  • These appear to be another group about attack the Crossed bunk. Oneway McBlarney is on the horse. Bailey (skin mis-colored) is on the right.

panel 4

  • The location is the Greenbrier Resort – compare to CPOH16 P18,p1.

Page 22

panel 1

  • Who is the man with gun? Robbie Greer/Jokemercy? Suggest?
  • The seated (stabbed?) figure is Mustaqba.


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