Crossed Plus One Hundred Map and Settlements

This page includes the Google map showing Crossed Plus One Hundred locations, and a list of CPOH settlements.

Below is an alphabetical list of human settlements from 22nd Century Appalachia. Most of these are clear, but a few are best guess locations for a place name that was mentioned briefly.

Atlanta-Skirts – outskirts of Atlanta, GA
first mention CPOH9

Detail from CPOH11 P7,p4 - art by Rafael Ortiz

Detail from CPOH11 P7,p4 – art by Rafael Ortiz

Big’N’Low [in Arkansas] – Bigelow, AR
first mention CPOH11

Casper – Casper, WY
first mention CPOHM1

Chooga – Chattanooga, TN
first mention CPOH1, first seen CPOH3

Fayetteville, TN
first mention/seen CPOH8

Fok-Nox – probably Knoxville, TN (or maybe Fort Knox, KY)
first mention CPOH7

Gapple [short for Big Apple] or The Gapple Islands – New York City, NY
first mention CPOH3

Grenada – Grenada, Mississippi
first mention CPOH9

Jasper-bama – Jasper, Alabama,
first mention CPOH9

Kingstenn – Kingston, TN.
first mention CPOH7, first seen CPOH8

LebannonLebanon, TN
first mention/seen CPOH14 P10,p3.

Lubbock – Lubbock, TX
first mention CPOH7, then CPOH11

Murfreesboro – Murfreesboro, TN
first mention CPOH1, first seen CPOH4

Muska G [in Okler home] – Muskogee, OK
first mention CPOH11

New Castle – Newcastle, WY
first mention CPOHM1

Rap City – Rapid City, SD
first mention CPOHM1

Sugar Tree – Sugar Tree, TN.
first mention CPOH11

Yazoo – Yazoo City, Mississippi.
first mention CPOH9

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