Crossed Plus One Hundred vocabulary glossary

Alan Moore has done quite a bit of future jargon in Crossed Plus One Hundred, and elsewhere (including Halo Jones, WildCATS, etc.) It’s one of his ways of telling readers that we’re in the future, and that language changes over time (think of the difference between, say Shakespeare and present-day English.) At times it becomes a kind-of puzzle to de-code.

An example of Alan Moore dialogue from Crossed Plus One Hundred, No.1, Page 6, panels 2-3. Art by Gabriel Andrade

An example of Alan Moore dialogue including plenty of 2108-speak: rashing, jungling, urbs, churchface, hup, etc. Image from Crossed Plus One Hundred, No.1, Page 6, panels 2-3. Words by Alan Moore, art by Gabriel Andrade

Below I have tried to create an overall glossary of 2108-speak words/phrases in alphabetic order. I have tried to include in the glossary below specific new uses of words, plus stuff (places, names) that I think wouldn’t be familiar to many readers. Things that the Crossed say is in italics; things humans say is in un-italicized regular. If this page gets long, I might split into multiple pages. If you’re looking for a very specific usage on a specific page and panel, and you don’t see it here, you might also try the annotations for that issueNOTE: “glossary” sounds neutral, but this CONTAINS SPOILERS. 

>More 2108-speak detail at my general notes on CPOH language and my blog post on CPOH language
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THANKS to commenters for contributing: Neron, Damian Gordon, dvn61danny, Charlotte Gore, Phil Uribe, and others.


(to) accident = to get into accident/s, to screw up

(to) actual – as in “…then the Surprise actualed.” (CPOH4, P10,p3) = to happen, to manifest, to get

AFAWK = As Far As We Know
(to) afawk – as in “wouldn’t be the first time we afawked ourselves” = to assume we know more than we do (verbification of AFAWK)

(an) agreed = an agreement

Alleghania = a geographic area that includes Tennessee. Derived from “Allegheny” a Native American name for a river, mountains, and other things in that area. Alleghania more or less stands in for America in CPOH humans’ minds.
Alleghanians = people of Alleghania

air play-in = airplane

(to) anal – as in “Oldwoman George can anal the resource committee.” (CPOH1, P7,p2) = apparently a swear word referring to anal sex. (Future Taylor is just swearing for emphasis… so maybe she’s saying “Oldwoman George can do something fucking awesome to the committee.”)

and but = used frequently where today we just say “but”

(an) ask = a question

(to) attitude = to have an attitude

audy / (to) audy  = to sound, to hear, to sound like – it’s related to “audio” or “audible.” Below are examples of its usage
“George was just trying to make run audy useful”(CPOH1, P6,p3)
“Audied like ‘pack ’em in’, but those voices you can’t tell.” (CPOH1, P17,p3)

(to) back up for – as in “her peoples want her here, so they backed up for George” = to back (someone)

(a) believe = a religion, a religious belief
(to do a) believe – as in “I don’t skull why people do believes” (CPOH4, P23,p1) = to practice a religious belief
(a) believe-center (or believe-centre) = a church, place of worship

bio-boobies = biological booby-traps set by the Crossed, by applying their bodily fluids to bullets, sharp sticks, and even envelopes. (Thanks commenter dvn61danny.)

bio-fuel = bio-diesel

bird-drop – as in “okay, next, our bird-drop. It’s wolfs we skull.” = decline in bird (ostrich) population

bird-bunk = pen (for ostriches)

(to) blade off = to cut off with blade

(to) born = to give birth to
borned = born

Bofol = Bashful (name of Crossed leader, discipline of Beau Salt)

Bosol = Beau Salt

boneblocked = blocked by a pile of bones

-boss – as in runboss, planboss, resourceboss = common suffix for leader roles

bottom boobies = butt

(the) brews = Jews, short for “Hebrews”

(to do) bring – as in “I was just doing bring” (CPOH5 P21,p5) = to bring

(to) brown or (to do a) brown – as in “I’m away to brown at our perimeter” (CPOH1, P3,p4 and P6,p3) = to defecate, to crap, to shit.
browned-up – as in “on a completely browned-up world” = crappy, shitty. (CPOH1, P5,p5)
brownhole = anus, asshole
brownwipe = toilet paper (CPOH1, P23,p5)
mouse-browns = mouse shit

buddleia = actual plant (also spelled buddleja) that grows wild in depopulated urban areas. (CPOH, P6,p3)

buds = buddies

builds = buildings
(to do) build – as in “Salt was doing build on something big” = to build
(to) builder – as in “all used for buildering, could be?” = to build
builded = built
build-back = things built back up

busses = buses

(to) camp up – as in “We’re camped up” = to camp

(to) casper = to haunt, to scare. (Probably a reference to Casper the Friendly Ghost)

Caush = nickname for Cautious

Cautious = name of young woman character. See cast of characters here.

(a) certain = a certainty, a strong confidence

Chooga = human settlement in Chattanooga (today a city in Tennessee) founded 2073. See Google map of CPOH locations.

christ me = sort of “fuck me” – there’s an interesting fluidity in swear words – christ, sex, fuck, anal, even brown=shit, others? all seem to be kind of interchangeable for what today might be “fuck.” (In 2108-speak, “fuck” more or less means “very.”)

christers = christians (used mainly to describe historical Christians – the contemporary Christian sect is the Crunk movement)

churchface = crazy (describes the Crossed’s face rash)  (CPOH1, P6,p3 and P22,p2)
(to) go churchface = to go crazy

(a) coincidental = a coincidence

Columbia = Columbia, city in Tennessee. See Google map of CPOH locations.

(to) company = to accompany

connects – as in “I’m making connects that aren’t” = connections

(to) conversation = to hold a conversation, to discuss

(to be) convinced up = convinced

(to be a) correct – as in “Cautious is a correct” (CPOH5, P12,p2) = to be correct, to be right

(a) counter = an encounter
(to) counter – as in “we countered infecteds” = (to) encounter

(a) crimer = a criminal

Crossed = basically depraved zombies, recognizable in that they have cross-markings on their face, generally naked, and speaking confusing cross-language.

Crunk = a sort of small Christian ecological sect/movement, mostly appealing to young people. Crunk paint Crossed-markings on their faces.

dads = dad

(to) dead – as in “but then afawk’s been getting us deaded lately” = kill

(to) debt (for) – as in “George, I’m debted for this” (CPOH4 P20,p3) = to be indebted (perhaps: to be the right fit for)

(a) decorated = a decorated thing

(to get) disastered = to undergo/experience a disaster

disconnected = upset

(a) discuss = a discussion

(a) do – as in “I want some more do” = something to do, activity

download – as in “download the carts” = unload

(a) drawn = a drawing

(to) easy – as in “you’re easied, me theifing your run-seat?” = to be comfortable with, to be OK with

eastpeoples = people from settlements back east, from Gapple

fact – as in “Wo. Fact, fuck wo.” (CPOH2 P16,p2) = in fact, actually

fashion-the-pan = passing fad, phonetic version of “flash in the pan”

Fewch = diminutive of the name Future. See also cast of characters here. (CPOH 1, P3,p4)

(to) food = to eat a meal
(a) fooding = meal

(a) forget – as in “then there was a great forget” (CPOH5 P2,p3) = a forgetting

Forward = name of a young man character. See cast of characters here.

front up = first up

fruit-picking = secret code word used on radionet for discussing the joint Chooga-Murfreesboro sweep Crossed-killing operation beginning in CPOH4.

fuck – as in “That’s a fuck exhale.” (CPOH1, P21,p4) = very, really big, huge, important

(the) Gapple, (the) Gapple Islands = New York City – shortened form of the Big Apple

gravel – as in “You think she’s got enough gravel?” = toughness, seriousness, experience, gravitas

(to get) grip – as in “got any grip on what this is?” = to understand

(to) go over = to become infected, Crossed

guberment = government (a somewhat foreign concept in 2108)

gubernor = governor

guilted – as in “people felt guilted” (CPOH2, P5,p4) = guilty

(to be) gunned up = to have lots of guns

halt up = hold up, stop for a while

(to) happy – as in “they’re just happied she’s not with the main mopping” = to be happy

(to) hate up – as in “he’s so hated up he actuals powers for escaping and revenge” (CPOH5 P5,p3) = to fill with hatred

heart – as in “I don’t heart it much” = love – as in I [heart] NYC, etc. (CPOH1 P3,p2)

home-device = maybe a home-movie camera

homed – as in “when we’re homed” = at home

Hooch Bag Ill = Taylor’s name for her home, in the former “[C]hoo Ch[oo] Ba[r & ]G[r]ill” – see CPOH3 P5,p5 (image.)

horde – as in “unless this one infected had a weapon-horde” (CPOH5 P8,p5) = hoard (perhaps 2108-speak uses horde instead of hoard? Grammarist differentiates them here – could be a nitpick error.)

horrorball, horror-ball =  phonetic version of “horrible”, generally refers to the Crossed or things associated with them

hup = an exclamation, perhaps equivalent to “hold up” or “hey!”

hurrahs – as in “What about you? Any hurrahs?” = successes, good things

hurrrr = seems to be just a speech-tick (Oldwoman George says this, maybe it’s a sound she makes when she kind of shudders)

(to) ice-out = chill-out, relax

illbillies = the Crossed (perhaps small rural band of Crossed)

Ima’am = female Islamic leader, a combination of Imam (an Islamic leader, I think pretty much always male) and ma’am (a polite term for addressing a woman, short for madam.)

(to) incident – as in “it’s only a true that hasn’t incidented yet” (CPOH5 P3,p1) = to happen

incest-cretins (written by Future Taylor CPOH1 P12,p1) = another name for the Crossed, though it might be a certain type of inbred Crossed

infected juice = infectious Cross bodily fluids

infecteds = the Crossed

Jackson = Jackson, a city in Tennessee. See Google map of CPOH locations.

juice = electicity

(to) kick = to go, to move, to travel

Klahoma = the state of Oklahoma

(a) know – as in “this is a hole in our know” = knowledge

kuffir = disbeliever, non-believer (according to this thread: “kaafir” is dis-believer, “kuffar” is plural of kaafir, or “kufr” is disbelief.)

(to do) learn = basic schooling (done in Chooga)
(a) freetime learn = something one studies as a hobby

(a) lively = something likely, a good possibility (perhaps it’s something a reporter or detective might call a “live lead”)

literated = writing a lot of literature (but perhaps a play on the word ‘obliterated’ too.) (CPOH2 P1,p2)

lossed = lost (CPOH1, P2,p1)

(to be) loose – as in “Cautious was looser than she let on over Forward.” (CPOH2, P13,p5) = to be struggling, hurt (emotionally), falling apart – opposite of tight
(to go) loose = to fall apart, to lose composure

Lewisburg = Lewisburg, a city in Tennessee. See Google map of CPOH locations.

(a) maybe – as in “…a shrine with candles and what was salt, at a maybe.” (CPOH4, P9,p4) = a possibility, a probable thing
(to) maybe – as “I’d got such a certain, and but I maybied bad” (CPOH5 P6,p2) = to speculate, to assume

(a) mean – as in “what’s your mean?” (CPOH6 P9,p2) = meaning (“what’s your mean?” could translate as “what do you mean?”)

(a) mice = a mouse

Missippi = Mississippi

(to) mop = to kill (the Crossed typically)

mother planet = an expression used by Crunk folk, more or less Mother Nature

(to be) motived = to be motivated

mouse-browns = mouse-shit, see “brown” above (CPOH 1, P7,p4)

mouth-sex = oral sex

mouth-stain = lipstick

movie – as in “this is movie!” = spectacular, epic, awesome. (From interview in Bleeding Cool 14, AM: “This is a world where we might be able to get something technological going enough to watch an old movie, but most people have never seen them, and they are certainly not going to be making them anytime soon. So, “movie” has come to mean “spectacular” or something like that.”)
bad movie = unbelievably bad
movier (than) = more spectacular (than)

Murfreesboro = Murfreesboro, a city in Tennessee. See Google map of CPOH locations.

nega = nigger

nest = place where Crossed breed

(a) new – as in “seems fair, news getting their turn” (CPOH4, P19,p2) = new person

(to) nose = (to) smell

nukewear = nuclear radiation containment suits

o-burgers = ostrich burgers
o-stocks = ostrich stocks

oh-eight – as in “radionet is oh-eight” = screwed-up, wrong, bad (This refers to 2008, the year of the Surprise – the disastrous first Crossed zombie outbreak.)  (CPOH1, P9,p5 and elsewhere)

olds = older people (seems to apply to people over around 30)

(to) opsy = to see, to investigate, to check things out. (Not sure if this is pronounced “opp-see” or “opp-sigh.” I thought it might come from some sort of military term, but commenter Neron pointed out that it’s derived from Greek language: opsis = sight.)

ossuary = pile of bones from dead bodies. Today, ossuary means a container where people keep the bone remains of a dead person.

outdoors-in – as in “a room that’s outdoors-in here” (CPOH2, P16,p1) = describes an indoor space that’s becoming overgrown (a bit like the term “inside-out.”)

paca = alpaca

packemin = “(wolf) pack coming” (CPOH1, P1,p3-4 and elsewhere, explained CPOH1, P19,p1)

(a) painted = a painting

passed = past

(a) people = a person
(the) peoples = (multiple) people

peoplekind = humans, humanity, mankind (CPOH1, P14,p4)

petrol – as in “you’re petrol.” = awesome, sweet, great. (Probably it refers to finding petrol – gasoline – as a rare, wonderful thing in this post-industrial place. It’s a bit like movie.)

(to be) phonied = to be phony, fake

(to) piss (one) up – as in “this pisses me up” (CPOH5 P6,p2) = to piss one off

(to do) plan = to plan

(a) play-in – as in “air play-ins” = airplane

(to) positive – as in “she could positive the run for me” (CPOH4, P21,p5) = to put in a good word, to encourage approval

(a) possible = a possibility

(a) printed = printed material – book, magazine, etc.

(to) proach = to approach

(a) published = published material – book, magazine

radionet = radio network that crew uses to contact Chooga. It may be a ham radio. (First mention CPOH1, p7,p4. Shown CPOH2, P10)

(to) random = to be random

(to) rash – as in “you’re rashed at me” = crazy, angry, upset. This refers to the cross-shaped “rash” on Crossed faces, so “to rash” is sort of to act like a Crossed. (CPOH1, P4,p2 and P13,p2)

(to) refuge = to take refuge

(to be) roaded = to go by road, to drive

(a) run = an expedition, a mission, a trip
(to) run – as in “how’s it running with you” = to go – as in how’s it going

runboss = leader in charge of the current run (expedition)

rungang = group traveling together

running-tribe = more or less what it sounds like: group of people who moved around evading Crossed.

(to) sad (up) – as in “it sads me up” = to make sad, to sadden

(to) see = to envision, to imagine (note: to opsy = to see)

(a) sensible = something sensible
(to make) sensible = to make sense

(a) settle = settlement, such as Chooga
(a) believe-settle = settlement that practices a religion, such as Murfreesboro

(to get) sexed = get messed up

(a) sextime – as in “we’re about three sextimes away” (CPOH1, P21,p2) = some unit of time or distance, perhaps roughly the time it takes to have sex – could be 2-10 minutes perhaps?
(a) sex-while – perhaps same as sextime?

(to be) shocked up = to be shocked

(the) Shout = recurring town hall meeting for Chooga

sis = sister

Soddy-Daisy = Soddy-Daisy, a city in Tennessee. See Google map of CPOH locations.

sole-singer = mistaken version of “Soul” singer

(to) skull – as in “once we could skull so many useless things” = to think, to think about, to imagine, to get one’s/our mind/s around, to understand
(a) skullbaby – as in “off radionet [is] churchy John’s skullbaby” (CPOH3, P17,p4) = brainchild, idea (thanks commenter Phil Uribe)
(to) skullbaby – as in “Robbie skullbabied ringing our birds” (CPOH4, P20,p2) = to have the idea, to have the brainchild
(a) skull-bull = obsession, recurring thought, something someone is thinking a lot about.

(the) slims = short for “muslims” – mostly refers to the Islamic people of the human settlement at Murfreesboro.

splashback = stuff splashing back – in CPOH2, blood splashed from Crossed being shot.

soft-on– as in “We go in with a soft-on, get infected, we’d run it back to Chooga.” (CPOH1, P21,p2) = less than full force, not ready

standouting = outstanding

(to do) strategic – as in “all these years they’ve been doing strategic” = to strategize, to act strategically

(a) sure = a sure thing

(the) Surprise = the very first big outbreak event of the Crossed zombie plague. Started in 2008, and, of course, drastically changed everything.
Surprise-escaper = someone who escaped the Surprise

(to do) survive – as in “all these years we’ve been doing survive” = to survive, to do what it takes to survive, to focus on survival
(to) survival = to survive

survivalers = survivalists

talker = speaker, loudspeaker

talksheets = broadsheets, more-or-less newspapers

(to) thief – as in “theifed ’em off peoples maybe” = to steal

(to) tight – as in “Tomo Milovic says the infected were mother planet’s way of tighting peoplekind.” (CPOH1, P14,p4) = to tighten, to keep safe, to stay close, to reduce numbers. See tight’s opposite: loose.
(to be) tight – as in “Forward, you be tight with the bus.” (CPOH1 P13,p5) = to stay close (more-or-less as today’s usage), also to be safe (as in “tight from infecteds” from CPOH2 P8,p2-3)

(to be) traitored up = to be infiltrated by traitors

(a) true = true thing, true statement, a truth, a reality (sometimes used at end of sentence like “right?” – as in “there still has to be a chance, true?)

Tullahoma = Tullahoma, a city in Tennessee. See Google map of CPOH locations. (CPOH1, P3,p1)

(an) understood = something understood

unguhvurruhmuh = thank you very much (in a Southern accent)

urbs = urban areas, cities

viroment = environment

wana = marijuana

West Memphis = a city in Arkansas, across the Mississippi River from Memphis, TN. See Google map of CPOH locations. (CPOH2, P6,p2)

what-for = purpose, reason (sometimes spelled just “what for“)

what’s on? = what is happening?

whoever = (used in place of) whomever

(to) wilder – as in “this always wilders me” = to bewilder

with – as in “if we’re with Chooga late afternoon” = (sometimes used in place of) at

Wi-Fi = Wishful Fiction, today’s science fiction

Wishful Fiction = science fiction

wo = exclamation – probably a short form of “whoa!” (CPOH2 P15,p3) (though the questionably-spelled “whoah” also appears CPOH5 P2,p1)

(to) word out – as in “Robbie and the Ima’am worded out policy together” (CPOH4 P11,p5) = to negotiate, to work out

yeah = greeting, like “hello”, seems to be used in slightly more formal situations (when run leaders greet Chooga leader Oldwoman George in CPOH3 P3) (Thanks commenter Charlotte Gore)

(to) yell – as in “Cautious, yell Robbie” (CPOH1 P15,p3) = to call (as in verbally shout calling someone)

youngs = young people

>More 2108-speak detail at my general notes on CPOH language and my blog post on CPOH language
>Go to Crossed Plus One Hundred Annotation Index

30 Responses to “Crossed Plus One Hundred vocabulary glossary”

  1. Neron Says:

    Opsy – Greek -opsia, from opsis = vision

  2. Damian Gordon Says:

    I put together one myself before I read yours (incidentally, your is much better, thank you):

    AFAWK – as far as we know
    audied – sounded (auditory)
    bone-bunch – collection of bodies/skeletons
    bossing the run – in charge
    brown – crap (noun and verb)
    browned-up – burnt
    brownwipe – burnt out
    buswatch – sentry duty
    caspers – ghosts
    century-fore-last – 20th century
    churchface – serious
    coal-hole – coal-mine
    crunk – cross, religious
    cunt – fuck
    exhale – relief
    fashion-the-pan – flash-in-the-pan
    fooded – ate
    fooding – dinner
    fuck – very, big
    gravel – courage
    heart – like
    horrorballs – horrible experience
    hurrahs – successes
    infecteds – crossed
    illbillies – crossed
    incest-cretins – crossed
    jungling – jungle growth
    kicked – went, started
    kicking – going
    lives – live people
    lively -improbable
    loose – upset
    lossed – lost
    mopped – cleaned. killed
    mouse-browns – destroyed
    movie – Cool!
    oh-eight – doesn’t make sense
    olds – older people
    opsy – look (into), investigate, see (optical)
    ossuary – means a site of skeletal remains, but here it means a site of cultural remains
    pee-aitch-something –
    peoplekind – humanity
    petrol – very smart
    piped -smoked
    pisses – wastes
    rashing – in a hurry, angry, concerning
    rush – excitement
    sadded up – saddened
    sads me up – saddens me
    sex – great, God
    sexing – having sex with
    sextimes – sixty seconds
    shout – meeting
    skull – to know, to understand, to think
    soft-on – ill-prepared
    sunup – sunrise
    Surprise – the start of the crossed infection
    theory-jerk – theorising
    tight – in control
    tightening – controlling
    wana – hashish
    wilders – bewilders
    wishful fiction – science fiction

  3. Damian Gordon Says:

    Here are just the words you don’t have:
    bone-bunch – collection of bodies/skeletons
    bossing the run – in charge
    buswatch – sentry duty
    century-fore-last – 20th century
    coal-hole – coal-mine
    cunt – fuck
    exhale – relief
    fashion-the-pan – flash-in-the-pan
    fooded – ate
    infecteds – crossed
    incest-cretins – crossed
    jungling – jungle growth
    lives – live people
    loose – upset
    mopped – cleaned. killed
    ossuary – means a site of skeletal remains, but here it means a site of cultural remains
    pee-aitch-something –
    peoplekind – humanity
    piped -smoked
    pisses – wastes
    rashing – in a hurry, angry, concerning
    rush – excitement
    sex – great, God
    sexing – having sex with
    sextimes – 60 seconds
    shout – meeting
    soft-on – ill-prepared
    sunup – sunrise
    Surprise – the start of the crossed infection
    theory-jerk – theorising
    tight – in control
    wana – hashish

  4. Damian Gordon Says:

    Two words that I couldn’t figure out in this context: “boost” and “anal” – which don’t seem to have the regular meanings.

    • Joe Linton Says:

      I think ‘anal’ is analyze… looked again, maybe not. Will look for boost. Thanks

    • Joe Linton Says:

      I have a theory on 2108 use of the word “anal”: given the way CPOH folks swear “fuck/sex/cunt” frequently – I think that anal might just be a swear word? Future Taylor says “Oldwoman George can anal the resource committee” maybe she’s saying “Oldwoman George can do something fucking awesome to the resource committee”

  5. Damian Gordon Says:

    Hi, I just read your brilliant annotations, and I can see that most of the words I mentioned above are covered either on this page or on the annotations page for issue #1, awesome work!

  6. Damian Gordon Says:

    “Boost” is from page 21 panel 4 – “The Surprise was a boost for everything that wasn’t peoples, maybe.” — a boost up the food chain maybe? or a boon?

    • Joe Linton Says:

      Yes – I think it’s just saying that animals and plants are thriving (were given a boost – as you say, up the food chain) since human populations have dwindled.

  7. Brad C Says:

    One humorous thing about the word “fuck” meaning “very” is that it isn’t a curse word anymore. Cautious uses it when she’s seeing Future off and Future remarks at how polite Cautious is.

  8. Charlotte Gore Says:

    “Yeah” – used as ‘hello’ 🙂

  9. Phil Uribe Says:

    “skullbaby” – idea, brainchild

  10. Zane Smith Says:

    STUPENDOUS WORK! it usually take me there pages of each issue before I get back into the rhythm of “Moore-Crossed” speak. Whne the issues are collected, I plan to buy them since I grew up in Fayetteville; went to college in Murfreesboro; and now live in Huntsville.

    Baically, Moore and Andrade are travelling Highways 64 and 231/431.

  11. Will Nyteshade Says:

    heh joined just to comment, what a wonderful idea to make a glossary.

    so far i noticed they used crew in issue four as thought its join, when future is talking to cautious asking if she wants to crew with her.
    also noticed based on where some words are it means a different version of the word, like where audy, opsy, and skulled, think thought saw see etc. same with actualed in 4 happened.

    also i agree with the horror balls is horrible, but in issue four she wasnt describing crossed, just christers.

    also think at times tight could mean good, or safe, issue four has george asking if future was tight with him and imaam running play and future saying fuck tight. when imaam states to sail tightly to chooga thinking safely.

    rashed could be used for irritated, robbie was rashed over something.

    budded, of course sounds close to being buddy buddy friendly.

    hmmwith how hohos dad talks in four “i skull im no young but im fuck motivated” could be i know im no young but im really motivated.

    hope this helped. and keep up the good work^_^

  12. Joolian Says:

    I just read issues 1-5 and think I have a few updates to your list.

    bird-drop = they are specifically talking about the fact that their ostriches are going missing

    bosol = short for Beauregard Salt

    sextime = how long it takes to have sex, used as a unit of time measurement

  13. Joolian Says:

    Forgot one:

    sex = in addition to the obvious meaning, they use it as an expletive the same way we say “fuck” today, since the actual term fuck has become an ordinary word. So when they say something like “Sexing brown” (like someone does in issue 5), that equates to some serious cussing (“Fucking shit!”).

  14. Greenaum Says:

    Re “anal”, I dunno where Oldwoman George stands on the issue of archivists being a waste of resources. It seems she was complaining, but Future (I think) says she was just rashing, ie angry.

    So if OW George is against archivists’ expeditions, she can “anal the resource committee”, ie “stick it up her arse”, because the library proves her complaints are wrong.

    If she’s in favour, she can buttfuck the resource committee, ie enjoy dominating them. Because the library proves she was right to support the archivists. Of course this is without going into an essay on the etiquette of enjoyable bumsex. Assuming it purely as a dominating one-way rape thing.

    Depends on OW George’s opinion. I’m re-reading the comic, knowing what happens later, and having figured out the language, so I’ll get more out of it this time. Often the case with Mr Moore’s stuff.

  15. Greenaum Says:

    Also… regarding “Crossed language”, if you’d read previous Crossed, you wouldn’t have made this small mistake.

    In the other stories, during and right after “The Surprise”, the Crossed speak the same English as anyone. Just with more swearing and sexual desire towards mutilating people. They’re not really “zombies”, they’re ordinary people with an extremely contagious disease that affects the brain, causing them to uncontrollably act out sexual violence.

    They have no special powers, with the exception of being too crazy to care about pain or injury, indeed they enjoy it. This, and lack of concern over proper food and shelter, means they die out quickly, even accounting for how virulent the contagion is, and how fast they gain new members. In earlier comics, groups of survivors headed to frozen areas, where the half-naked Crossed would hopefully freeze to death.

    Annnnyway… bring it forward 100 years, and everybody’s language has evolved, or devolved, which is why this page is here. The Crossed have spent that time apart from the uninfected. So what little language the Crossed took an interest in learning, has diverged from that of the uninfected. That’s where the language difference comes from.

    Apart from that, thanks for this page! I’ve just figured out what “Wi-Fi” means! Gonna be useful on my second read through. Just a couple of days after the first! And I’m reading Providence as soon as I can get hold of each copy.

  16. Greenaum Says:

    Another one… sorry really getting into this..

    Could “dads” (and I think “moms”) refer to a family system where families have more than one mother and father? A sort of group-family tribe system? Would make sense when most of the population are required to work, leaving child-raising to just one or two people at a time. Particularly when those people take shifts, so a family has several effective parents.

    I know in some resource-poor parts of Tibet, several brothers can share a wife. There are just enough resources to keep one wife between them. Maybe there’s a polygamous love / sex / family system in Chooga?

    Also noticed “download” coming from Internet-speak. As is “AFAIK”, “as far as I know”, a popular one back on Usenet and in email. Could mutate a letter.

    Didn’t really get what “Churchface” meant, makes sense now! And a few more words, “08” and “Soddy-Daisy”. Keep it up!

  17. Alan Moore e i mutamenti del linguaggio in Crossed +100 » Cronache di un disadattato Says:

    […] Moore fornisce una nuova riflessione sul linguaggio: l’involuzione nel futuro. C’è un intero dizionario delle parole utilizzate nella storia. Ecco alcune delle mie preferite, in italiano e inglese, con […]

  18. 94 böcker jag läste 2015 – Says:

    […] Volume 1 (2015). Post-post-apokalyps (sic)! Alan Moore gör Ennis-horror (se nedan). Teman: Språk, ekologi och wishful fiction. Ungefär så bra som man skulle […]

  19. David Says:

    Fantastic, thanks. I was a bit lost sometimes. It’s funny to try to skull the meanings yourself but this is a great help when you want to know.

  20. Crossed + 100: La Recensione Says:

    […] varie parole (insistentec***o, abbuffaca**o, uccidif**a). Interessante (per i più curiosi) è poi questo articolo in inglese, contenente tutte le parole inventate da Moore per Crossed + […]

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