Crossed Plus One Hundred Nitpicks

Crossed Plus One Hundred No.1 Page 23, panel

Crossed Plus One Hundred No.1 Page 23, panel 5 art by Gabriel Andrade.

This page includes very minor errors that I found reading and re-reading Crossed Plus One Hundred comics. This is not a critique of the comic. None of these are a big deal. They’re all my nitpicky nature showing, being slightly critical of something I’m enjoying.

This page lists things that look like typos, coloring mistakes. I think that this stuff might be corrected in something like a collected edition, but if it isn’t, no problem.

Note that I have come around to the opinion that inconsistencies in 2108-speak should probably be expected, as it is not anything like an academically rigorous static language.

(I am happy and proud to report that pretty much all of these for No. 1-6 have been fixed in the CPOH Volume 1 trade paperback! I’ve added an * asterisk on items that were updated in the TPB.)

Alan Moore Arc


  • P12,p2 – “Keeler” should probably be “Keller.” (Possibly this might be some kind of unexplained pet name that Giancoma has for Keller?)
  • P17,p1 – These Crossed should all be red-haired. They are the same group that appeared on page 1, where Moore’s script specifies that they’re inbred red-haired Crossed.
  • *P23, p1 – “…the I kicked for my compartment” seems like it should be “then I kicked…”


  • P1,p5 – colorist may have missed man waving’s leg
  • *P10,p1 – “peoples” should probably be “peoples”
  • P19,p2 –  the white rectangle (behind the white-jacketed Crossed’s right hand) probably shouldn’t be white. It appears in color earlier on P16,p1.
  • P23,p6 – repeats P1,p5 leg coloring above


  • *P3,p3 – “Kriswyczis” should probably be “Kriswyczkis”
  • *P15,p1 – “busses” should probably properly be spelled “buses” according to grammarist… though this is actually completely consistent throughout CPOH, so it’s perhaps just 2108-speak-spelling?


  • *P5,p1 – P5,p2 – P6,p1 – “busses” might be “buses”.


  • *P2,p1 – “Whoah!” should probably be “Whoa!” (today’s proper spelling) or maybe just “Wo!” (CPOH-speak for whoa, CPOH2 P15,p3)
  • *P8,p5 – “weapon-horde” might more properly be “weapon-hoard”
  • *P10,p5 – “how normal the talked” should probably be “how normal they talked”
  • *P11,p4 – second and third word balloons seems to be coming from the wrong persons, because Keller appears to be pointing to the altar, but mentioning the mosaic. They should probably be switched.
  • *P23,p1 – “busses” might be “buses”


  • P5,p3 – word balloon should probably have a tail pointing to Taylor (on horse on left)
  • *P5,p4 and P5,p5 and P8,p3 – “busses” might be “buses”
  • P5,p5 – seems like these two word balloons should have tails. Upper balloon is Kriswyczki (uppermost rider.) Lower balloon isn’t 100% clear, probably points to same upper rider, Kriswyczki.
  • P16,p3 (and maybe P16,p1?) – the colorist may have misidentified the two women; Kriswyczki seems to have Taylor’s skin color, and vice-versa
  • P18-19 – the sky should probably stay the same color, or slightly darken, not get lighter (compare P18,p1 to P19,p3.)

CPOH1-6 minor inconsistencies:

  • *horrorball (CPOH1 P24,p2) vs. horrorball (CPOH2 P10,p3 and CPOH5 P11,p4)
  • *Mustaqbal (CPOH3 P14,p5) vs. Mustaqba (throughout CPOH4)
  • “whatfor” (CPOH2 P1,p2) vs. “what for” (CPOH6 P8,p2)

CPOH1-6 minor British English that might be American English:

  • *encyclopaedia vs. encyclopedia (CPOH1 P7,p3 and P12,p4 – CPOH2 P1,p1 – CPOH4 P12,p1 and P14,p2) (In CPOH1 P7,p3 art shows “encyclopedia” actual book here.)
  • *phial vs. vial (CPOH3 P22,p3)
  • *armoury vs. armory (CPOH5 P8,p5)
  • *centre vs. center (CPOH5 P11,p5)
  • *behaviour vs. behavior (CPOH6 P22,p3)

Si Spurrier Arcs


  • P22,p1 – “AKAWK” should probably be “AFAWK”.


  • P3,p2 – the cover of the book Gateway appears to be upside down.
  • P3,p3 – “busses” might be “buses”
  • P22,p3 – “AKAWK” should probably be “AFAWK”.


  • P4,p2-3 – the coloring on the tablecloth doesn’t match across the two panels.
  • P6,p3 – this panel takes place earlier, could be sepia-tone
  • P8,p1 – “busses” might be “buses”


  • CPOH9 and 10 – the appearance of the rejex faces is inconsistent. In CPOH9 they have plus markings on their faces; the markings disappear in CPOH10.


  • P4,p1 – The text “Hasn’t worked.” might be in black, not red (to be consistent with other Taylor journal entries.)
  • P4,p1 and P7,p3 – The LA Dodgers cap should probably be white letters on a blue cap.
  • P4,p1 and P5,p1 – The logo on the red cap is inconsistent; it changes from saturn(?) to “BO”(?).
  • P20,p3 – “Big’nlow” should probably be “Big’nlow” as it is spelled on P7,p3 (though perhaps Taylor is unaware of the way it’s spelled?)
  • P20,p3 – “busses” might be “buses”

CPOH12 – none


  • P7,p2 – “Not since we stated the camp pain” should probably be “Not since we started…


  • P11,p1 – “I could’ve it done in 80″ should probably be “I could’ve done it…”
  • P12,p2 – Beau Salt’s Crossed rash is not colored red

CPOH15-17 – none


Mimic Gage, Shand Arc


  • The story title is a word off from the title of the book it references – though this may be deliberate? “War Is A Force That Gives Us A Meaning” might be “War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning”
  • P16,p5 – “There were twelve disciples” should probably be “seven disciples” (referring to the seven dwarf name disciples introduced in CPOH5) unless this is an unexplained new group.
  • P18,p2 – “This is Goya” was published in 2015, making it an anachronism here, assuming that publishing essentially ceased after the 2008 Crossed outbreak. The cover and/or title might be changed to show a less specific Goya book, or one published prior to 2008.


  • P2,p5 – Fleshcook’s red facial markings are not colored.
  • P3,p4 and P4,p2 – Fleshcook’s left arm (to reader’s right) coloring looks off – compare to P4,p2 where the bandage shows clearly.
  • P16,p5 – The latrine signs are blank; they should probably have the same letter as appears on P15.
  • Backstory P1,p2 – The bald headed Crossed on the right is missing his face rash (it appears on subsequent pages).


  • Story title “intellegence” might be spelled correctly as “intelligence.”
  • P9,10,11, 13 – Bolded black lettering should be lettered red as Crossed-speak: associate, why, adults, enemy, you, I.


  • P16,p2 – The circle on Julie’s outfit should probably be red.
  • Backstory P7,p4 a Crossed says “HISSSSSSSSS!V” and the “V” at the end appears to be a typo.


  • none


  • Backstory P3,p4 – “Audie” might more commonly be spelled “audy“.
  • Backstory P4,p4 – The gray spot on the woman’s breast appears to be a coloring error.

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One Response to “Crossed Plus One Hundred Nitpicks”

  1. JKtheMac Says:

    On Busses:

    I believe this to be a very subtle nod to Heinlein’s Glory Road. In that story Heinlein uses the term (only once) as a synonym for ‘kisses’ and I can imagine Alan Moore being intrigued by the colloquialism and employing it as a small Easter-egg.

    Perhaps it was the first time Moore had encountered the use of this rare verb.

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