2000s Multi-Panel Pans

Listed in publication date order.

(2000-2001 none posted yet)


Three-panel pan sequence from Selina's Big Score, 2002, by Darwyn Cooke

2002 – From DC’s Catwoman: Selina’s Big Score written and drawn by Darwyn Cooke. Cooke is one of my recent favorites, especially among artists working in super-hero genres. His work is very stylized – invoking a kind of 1950s sensibility. It’s seemingly very simple… but I think it’s kind of pared down to essentials. He uses mutli-panel pans here and there, without drawing a lot of attention to them.


Two-panel pan sequence, from Blankets, page 253, June 2003, art by Craig Thompson

Full-page three-panel pan sequence, from Blankets, page 333, July 2003, art by Craig Thompson

July 2003 – Two sequences from Top Shelf’s Blankets, written and drawn by Craig Thompson. Thompson is one of my favorite contemporary comic creators. In the above sequence, the gutter serves to draw the couple apart, young, in love, each a bit a bit wrapped up in his/her own head. In the below page, using innovative panel language (the first time I’ve seen this sort of configuration), Thompson has captured the tumultuous energy of a party, with the small embedded panels the feel of an intimate conversation within that larger milieu. Brilliant and effective… and all in the service of the broader narrative.

(2005-2009 None posted yet)

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