Crossed Plus One Hundred 05

Crossed Plus One Hundred No.5 cover by Gabriel Andrade

Crossed Plus One Hundred No.5 cover by Gabriel Andrade

Below are annotations for Crossed Plus One Hundred, No. 5 “Tyger, Tyger” (24 pages, cover date May 2015, released 10 June, 2015)
Writer: Alan Moore (AM), Artist: Gabriel Andrade (GA)
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Note: some of this stuff is obvious, but you never know who’s reading this and what their exposure is to any given reference. If there’s stuff I missed or got wrong, let me know in comments, or email linton.joe [at]

General: Taylor, Keller, and Kriswyczki discover the Crossed settlement in the Appalachian Mountains. Taylor reads the diaries of Beau Salt, serial killer and Crossed mastermind.



  • The cover image shows a Crossed-built altar with candles, a pile of salt, and a framed image of the phonebook killer, whose name is revealed (P12,p4) to be Beauregard Leander Salt.
  • The altar on the cover does not appear to be an exact representation of any of the altars featured so far in CPOH. Future Taylor first encountered a similar altar, with a framed picture of Salt, in Jackson, TN, in CPOH1 P15,p3-5. Taylor and crew found a related altar in CPOH2, P17,p3, though it had the word “salt” written across a framed image of Jesus. In CPOH4, P10, Mustaqba identifies the image as “the phonebook killer” – an unsolved serial killer case from just before 2008. The phonebook killer chose his victims from the telephone directory, the top right name, every seven pages.

Page 1

panels 1-6

  • This is a dream sequence being dreamed by Future Taylor. There’s no special panel treatment to indicate it, but it follows the last two pages of CPOH4 where Taylor writes “we always get woked. And it always turns out to be a dream.”
  • These mechanical horses appear somewhat retro-futuristic, perhaps steampunk, reflecting Future Taylor’s interest in historic science fiction literature.

panels 2-4

Page 2

panel 2

  • “Audied like more of you” is Taylor hearing the horses of the Crossed riding to attack Chooga, as explained on P23,p4.

panel 3

panel 5

panels 5-6

  • “Yeah, lady” says Gernsback, the earliest of these writers. “Yeah” is CPOH-speak used as somewhat formal hello. “Lady” seems archaic, borderline sexist; the word does not appear elsewhere in CPOH1-5. Taylor may perceive this sexism, as she responds tentatively “Uh… Yeah, everybody.”

Page 3

panels 2-5

  • These panels form a zoom sequence. Moore uses these sequences now and then, including on P1 of Watchmen.

panel 3

  • A “double-cross” maybe wordplay on Crossed; it foreshadows the Salt’s Crossed band attacking Chooga.

panel 5

  • Horh horh horh. Yoor fice es wrawng” is Crossed-speak for “Ha ha ha. Your face is wrong.” It’s what the Crossed said in the library in Columbia, see CPOH1 P7,p5 and P8,p1.

panel 6

  • Taylor awakens from her dream.

Page 4

Crossed Plus One Hundred No.5 future tense cover, art by Gabriel Andrade (left) and its source 1950s sci-fi novel Tiger! Tiger!

Crossed Plus One Hundred No.5 Future Tense variant cover, art by Gabriel Andrade (left) and its source Alfred Bester 1956 sci-fi novel Tiger! Tiger!

panel 1

  • From left to right are Future Taylor, Archie Keller, and Cautious Optimism Kriswyczki. They’re camped out in the Appalachian Mountains east of Chattanooga, TN.
  • The issue’s title “Tyger, Tyger” is basically Tiger! Tiger! the British title for Alfred Bester‘s 1956 sci-fi novel, released in the U.S. with the title The Stars My Destination. “Tyger Tyger” is the beginning of the first and last stanzas of the 1794 poem “The Tyger” by William Blake (full text here), which appears as an epigraph on the first page of Bester’s novel (in which the protagonist receives tiger mask tattoos.)
    It’s not entirely clear why Moore, or even Blake, chose “tyger” — an archaic spelling of tiger. It’s probably another example of Taylor and her crew misidentifying things, similar to her mistaking Tolkien’s first name (P2,p3 above) and other misidentifications, especially throughout CPOH2. Compared to today’s readers, the CPOH humans are less schooled, use less standardized spelling, and are less familiar with today’s zoo animals.
    Though not directly connected to CPOH, Moore has referenced Bester’s novel previously. From 1980-83 Moore wrote and drew a comic strip titled The Stars My Degradation. (Thanks commenter Rémy Christin.) Perhaps also marginally related, “Tygers” is the title of a 1986 Green Lantern Corps story Moore wrote.

Page 5

panel 1

  • The mixed-case captions are Future Taylor writing in her journal.
  • “July 25, 2108” is one full day after these three departed Chooga on July 23, shown on the closing pages of CPOH4.
  • “AFAWK” is an initialization of “as far as we know” – see also CPOH glossary page.

panel 2

  • “Tyger, Tyger” refers to the Alfred Bester novel Tiger! Tiger!, see P4,p1 above.

panel 3

  • “It’s about this people gets left isolated, and but he’s so hated up he actuals powers for escaping and revenge” is Taylor’s description of the plot of Tiger! Tiger! but it also more-or-less describes Beauregard Leander Salt’s life.

Page 6

panel 1

  • Kriswyczki refers to Future Taylor respectfully as “Runboss Taylor” where on earlier runs she was “Archivist Taylor.” Keller, who’s older, consistently just calls her “Taylor” (later on P6,p5 and P7,p4.)

panel 3

  • “The raft, the tape Ho-ho found, the framed pictures” refer to items from earlier issues. See raft: CPOH3 P21, videotape: CPOH3 P7, and pictures: CPOH1 P15 and CPOH2 P17.
  • The two birds appear to be Eastern Bluebirds.

panel 4

  • “Everything ‘s incidenting at once” is foreshadowing the Salt’s Crossed band coordinated attack on Chooga.

Page 7

Crossed Plus One Hundred No.1 Crossed Culture Variant Cover, art by Gabriel Andrade

Crossed Plus One Hundred No.1 Crossed Culture Variant Cover, art by Gabriel Andrade

panel 4

panel 5

Page 8

panels 2-3

  • These form a fixed-camera sequence, which Moore uses frequently.

panel 5

  • “He was fuck unusual, how he talked.” references that most of the Crossed speak in a nearly-indecipherable babble; this one spoke in coherent words and sentences, hence it’s unusual.
  • This panel sets up what I call a half-reveal (similar to CPOH1 P16,p5.)

Page 9 (no annotations this page)

Page 10

panel 2

  • Dogpeeler” is a Crossed’s name.
  • Cunt-cattle” is apparently their term for uninfected humans, probably meaning humans as animals to eat and to rape.

panel 5-6

  • “How it audied… I don’t skull” is Taylor thinking over what the Crossed said in p2 above “they’re attacking us“, and not quite realizing what will dawn on her fully on P23,p5 – that this band of Crossed are out attacking Chooga. It’s slightly confusing to Taylor because Kriswyczki misplaced the emphasis when she repeated the Crossed’s words as “they’re attacking us.”

Page 11

Crossed Plus One Hundred No.5 Page 11, panel 5, art by Gabriel Andrade. image via My Little Underground

Crossed Plus One Hundred No.5 Page 11, panel 5, art by Gabriel Andrade. image via My Little Underground

panels 4-5

  • The portrait of Beauregard Leander Salt, the phonebook killer is painted in blood. Salt, whose name we learn on P12, appears on the cover. Taylor first encountered a framed image of Salt at an altar in Jackson, TN, in CPOH1 P15,p5. (It’s unclear where the tooth-mosaic is.)
  • From his photo adorning this “believe-center” (CPOH-speak equivalent to church), altars (CPOH1 P15,p3-5), even “salt” written over Jesus (CPOH2 P17,p3), to later talk of twelve disciples (P19,p1 below), Moore and Andrade are equating Beau Salt with Jesus Christ, albeit a horrific evil version of Jesus.

Page 12

panel 3

  • “My Diversions” sounds like it might be derived from Hitler’s Mein Kampf (German for “My Struggle.”) This would make Salt so much more depraved and despicable than Hitler, because Salt lived through such horror, and yet calls it his “diversions” – his fun.
  • 2008 is the year of The Surprise, the first huge outbreak of the Crossed epidemic.
  • A “fair copy” is a term for a corrected version of a (often handwritten) manuscript.
  • “Being a fair copy of the journals of Beauregard Leander Salt, compiled” sounds like a version of an inscription of books (mainly the bible) that monks copied by hand, prior to the printing press – though I didn’t find a specific reference for this yet. This is one of a number of references equating Salt with Jesus, see P11,panels 4-5 above.
  • Moore uses characters’ journals to background various comics, including Rorschach’s journal in Watchmen, Taylor’s and Salt’s in CPOH, and Robert Black’s Commonplace Book in Providence. Commenter Col1234 points out some similarities between Rorschach’s and Salt’s.

panel 4

  • Taylor is realizing the significance of salt found at Crossed altars earlier.
  • Panels 4-5 are a fixed-camera sequence.

panel 5

  • “July 27th, 2008” is apparently the first time the Crossed mythos have established an exact date for the first day of the Crossed epidemic outbreak (called “The Surprise.”) CPOH5 is taking place two days short of exactly one hundred years.

Page 13

panel 1

  • Black and white panels take place in the past. Per CPOH1 P23, this is likely Dallas, TX.
  • Salt changed his modus operandi to killing families based on obituary notices, once the police figured out that he had been picking his victims from the phone book.
  • Salt isn’t just a serial killer, but apparently also eats his victims. Note the arm on the table.
  • On the TV and outside, the Surprise Crossed outbreak is happening.
  • Any one recognize references here: Crossed outbreak in Delaware? The people on the bridge(?) on the TV? (It’s a stretch but there’s a halfway similar bridge central to the plot of Ennis and Burrows Crossed No.4, and the streetlight looks a bit like one on the cover of the Crossed Volume 1 trade paperback.)

panel 3

  • This appears to be a Starbucks, likely in Dallas, TX. The chairs and table are somewhat similar to the Jackson, TN, Starbucks ruins that appear on P1 of CPOH1, but then again there are tens of thousands of coffee shops that appear similar.
  • “How this business with the banks is looking serious” probably refers to follow-on articles on the July 2008 governmental intervention to shore up Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac.
  • Enron is an energy company that went bankrupt after a scandal in 2001.

Page 14

panel 1

  • There’s a poster for the rock band AC/DC in the background.
  • The horned logo on the right probably refers to something – suggest? xxx

panel 2

  • The man’s T-shirt looks like it has a logo ending in NY?

panel 3

  • “Didn’t feel like acting any different” references how the Crossed infection makes everyone as depraved as this serial killer already is.

Page 15

panel 2

  • “Lit candles” perhaps inspired the Crossed’s altars.

panel 3

Page 16

Details from Crossed-speak

Details from Crossed-speak CPOH1 P9,p5 and CPOH2 P19,p3. Art by Gabriel Andrade

panel 1

  • This is the reveal of the mystery of why the Crossed in both Columbia, TN in CPOH1 (P10,p1) and Memphis, TN in CPOH2 (P19,p3) were all saying “bosol.” Bosol is Crossed-speak for “Beau Salt” — Beauregard Leander Salt, the phone book serial killer.

panel 2

  • “Study-group” is apparently Beau Salt’s group of captive Crossed whom he studies to see how they behave.

panel 4

  • Beau Salt seated in the middle makes this image somewhat resemble da Vinci’s The Last Supper, again Salt as an evil Jesus. (See also P11,p4-5 above.)

Page 17


Crossed Plus One Hundred No.4 Crossed Culture Variant Cover, art by Gabriel Andrade

panel 4

  • The containment-suit rearing looks similar to CPOH4 Crossed Culture variant cover.
  • The CPOH crew wore similar containment suits during CPOH3.
  • The “buck-toothed blonde girl” looks like the tallest Crossed in P18,p1 above.

Page 18

panel 1

  • “Twelve disciples” is, of course, like Jesus Christ.  (See also P11,p4-5 above.)

panel 3-4

  • Dopey, Grumpy, and Doc (later Happy, Sleepy, Bashful – but Sneezy is not mentioned) are all dwarf names from the 1937 Disney movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • On stage in panel 4, it looks like: (left to right) Doc (19 years old), Grumpy, Happy?, Salt, Sneezy?, Sleepy?, Bashful? (“three-year old.”) Dopey is apparently the woman in the foreground.

Page 19

panel 2

  • According to CPOH4, Pages 2-3, “the population-shift between us [Crossed] and plainfaces [humans]” took place between 2050 and 2070. See CPOH timeline page.

panel 4

  • “Jokemercy” is the name of the Crossed child. In CPOH6, Jokemercy is revealed to be Robbie Greer.
  • This is a similar videotape to the one that Taylor was watching in CPOH3 and CPOH4.
  • The scene is very similar to the one depicted on the American History X cover, dated 2025, see CPOH timeline page. Though that cover’s date, 2025, takes place prior to the videotaping, which started in 2029.
CPOH5 American History X cover, art by Gabriel Andrade

CPOH5 American History X cover, art by Gabriel Andrade

Page 20

panels 1-4

  • In the video, it looks like Bashful, who was most likely 3 years old (and certainly in the younger half of the group depicted on P19,p4 – so maybe 15 at the oldest) in 2029, is now a grown full-bearded man (say perhaps 25-45 years old?), so the video takes place, at the earliest, roughly around the year 2051 (2029 + 25 – 3). Jokemercy’s breakthrough likely occurred between 2050 and 2070.

panel 6

  • Looks like Taylor has read and watched enough to realize that Salt’s Crossed ship lesser infecteds downriver, on boats similar to the one the crew discovered in CPOH3.

Page 21

panel 1

  • “This is an infected settle, and I skull it’s older than ours” is Taylor comparing: Salt’s settle started in 2009, while Chooga settle didn’t start until 2073.

panels 5-6

  • Boats with manacles similar to those the crew encountered at Browns Ferry in CPOH3.

Page 22

panels 2-3

  • The ostrich has a ring on its leg, which identifies it as belonging to Chooga.

Page 23

Crossed Plus One Hundred No.6 American History X variant cover. Art by Gabriel Andrade

Crossed Plus One Hundred No.6 American History X variant cover. Art by Gabriel Andrade

panel 1

  • It’s dawning on the crew that the Crossed have cleverly split human forces, in order to attack Chooga. The siege of Chooga is depicted on the American History X cover, dated 2108, see CPOH timeline page.

panel 3

  • Clearly a lot of horse tracks.

panel 4

  • “I dreamed about six men on horses. I-I remember I said it audied like more” Taylor is talking about her dream (see P1-3 above) where she did mention (P2,p2 above) that it audied [sounded] “like more than six horses.”

panel 5

  • “He said ‘they’re attacking us‘” refers to P10,p2 above.

Page 24

panel 1

  • Captions are Taylor’s journal.
  • The date is the next day after the one depicted where the crew is departing from Salt’s Crossed settle, one day short of exactly 100 years after the Surprise.

panels 1-3

  • These form a zoom sequence; they depict the same scene as the “camera” moves back away from the subject. AM uses these sequences now and then, including on P1 of Watchmen.

panel 2

  • “Until they actualed powers for escaping and revenge” refers verbatim back to P5,p3 above and Taylor’s summary of the plot of Tiger! Tiger!

panel 3

  • “We’re riding to tight the future” echoes Taylor’s dream where Tolkien says “We ride to make the future tight.” (P2,p3 above)


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19 Responses to “Crossed Plus One Hundred 05”

  1. dvn61 Says:

    Page Two Panel 2 probably alludes to Future incorporating the sound of the Crossed leaving to attack Chooga in her dreams.As it seems they weren’t too far from the camp.

    • Joe Linton Says:

      Yes – you’re right. I was actually doing my second pass through as you commented that and read your comment shortly after I’d added that point.

  2. col1234 Says:

    Salt’s journal also is almost certainly Moore doing a parody of Rorschach’s journal in Watchmen. Similar tone of voice and diction; similar lettering, even.

    trying to figure out the leadership succession of the infected settle: Salt dies maybe in the 2040s? Doc apparently takes over (the videotapes usually have “Doc says next!” as a command) but would most likely be ancient or dead by 2108. So possibly Jokemercy rules now? or it is another generation?

    it’s fascinating how much of this series is “off screen”–Future and crew always stumble upon abandoned settles or those populated by a few infected who can’t do much harm. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get back to Chooga too late, just to find ruins (there’s a mild spoiler on the cover of Crossed + 100 7, indicating where Future is “now”)

    • Joe Linton Says:

      Thanks for the comment. I agree that Rorschach’s journal is an antecedent – I see it as Moore’s early use of a similar tool, echoed in CPOH in both Taylor’s journal and Salt’s journal, and even Black’s Commonplace Book in Providence. Tell me more where you find similar tone/diction.

      Yes – I was curious to speculate on the leadership succession, too. There’s a central old man leader on the cover of CPOH6. It’s not Doc, as CPOH5 P20,p4 (the Jokemercy tape c.2050-2070) says “If Doc had lived to see this.” It’s theoretically possible that it’s Salt’s youngest henchman (Bashful?) who was 3 years old in 2029, so he would be 82… but more likely a later generation (unless the Crossed infection somehow prolongs lives?) It might be made clearer in CPOH6.

      And, yes, the CPOH7 cover does look like Murfreesboro, not a good sign. (And I think CPOH2 foreshadowing suggests that Keller and Kriswyczki are may well die Crossed soon.) One remote possibility: the ‘Slims come to save the day for Chooga, so their flag extends there? CPOH7 cover could potentially be a few years later when the trains connect the settles? We’ll see.

      • col1234 Says:

        yeah, maybe not fair to say similar diction—Salt considers himself something of an intellectual (see the nod to Pepys’ journals “and so to bed” on p15) and is a more self-conscious diarist than Rorschach. But they share a worldview being the “one sane man” who knows humanity is fundamentally & depraved. The infection is just proof for Salt.

        (& offers the scenario of what a Crossed world with superheroes would be like: you can see an infected Batman or Rorschach founding a colony of “super infected” survivors)

        another question i hope CPOH6 gets into is the makeup of the infected leadership class—were they able to finally build a substantial group of intelligent, cunning infected via generations of “conditioning”? & how long the Chooga attack plan’s been in the works…

    • Joe Linton Says:

      ah – true – one sane man. I hadn’t figured out the Pepys reference! I just added it, crediting you.

  3. Eric Says:

    I couldn’t help but feel kind of let down by the reveal of the central mystery. There was really no way that anyone could have predicted exactly what was happening. Other Crossed stories present examples of a rare person that can “keep it together” so to speak. It’s normally because of an iron will, though, and not psychopathy. Even then, it’s not perfectly clear thought. My idea was that salt was being used as a currency by the Crossed, but I guess that’s out the window.

    Anyway, thanks for the annotations. Looking forward to the last issue of AM’s run.

  4. Netley Says:

    Mr. Linton, you’re doing an incredible job with these annotations – making a very enjoyable comic even more so. Thanks!

    This issue really does tie everything together in a way that it now all makes sense (with Salt being an Evil Jesus, conditioning the isolated Crossed population into a fully realized society – one that pre-dates Chooga!). Prior to this issue, it seemed like Moore was slightly glossing over the unlikelihood of Crossed actually raising their own young – but with Salt and his disciples, this now adds up.

    I love how the little bits of dialogue we get from the “intelligent class” of the Crossed sound just like how someone would speak in 2008 (example: “Hey, wait a fucking minute…”). It’s a very clever contrast to the language presented in the series so far. When we hear more intelligent Crossed speak next issue (I’m assuming), the effect will be that we readers will actually relate more to how they speak than we will to the protagonists.

    Prediction/POSSIBLE SPOILER(?): Robbie Greer will turn out to be Jokemercy in disguise/undercover. I really hope that’s not the case, however. But the clues seem to be pointing there:

    (1) his burns could be hiding a crossed rash;
    (2) he joined Chooga as an adult (with an unverifiable backstory), opposed to being born there;
    (3) he washes separate from everyone else (assumed to be because of embarrassment of his burns – but that would be a good cover);
    (4) he is the one who made sure Oldwoman George became aware that the Muslim town had tagged ostriches; and
    (5) if the Jokemercy tape is 2050-2070 (as you’ve hypothesized above), then the dates would add up (Robbie could be 40ish to 60ish).

    Again, I really hope I’m wrong about that!

    • Joe Linton Says:

      It’s an interesting theory about Greer… It’s certainly possible, and it’s not clear where Jokemercy heads after the tape – but if I have to bet, I think Greer is a solid good guy. We’ll see.

    • dvn61 Says:

      I’ve been thinking about the Robbie Greer theory ever since I posted about HoHo’s instant transformation from a smear of infected blood. Mainly because Gabriel Andrade replied with a simple “Good”.
      If you go back to Issue 1 and 2 both times Basool/Bafool is uttered Robbie is close by. Prior HoHo being infected, Robbie is seen with his arm outstretched towards her in several panels.
      Not to mention that he is the driver after all and may be taking them to known nests during this archive run.. Why he got rid of HoHo? not sure, as I said just a hunch.

  5. Netley Says:

    All that having been said, I also wanted to mention that Gabriel Andrade has quickly become one of my favorite artists. I had never seen his work prior to this, but he is really hitting a grand slam on every page! I really hope he and Moore team up on something again in the near future, Crossed-related or not.

  6. Netley Says:

    (Ha, I just now saw that you had already predicted that Robbie’s burns could be hiding a Crossed rash in your character bio for him.)

  7. Rémy Christin Says:

    Hi, terrific sites you have here sir, congrats and many thanks for all of these info and the glossary. Sorry if I have missed where it has been already pinpoint, but “the Stars My Destination” is a title that AM has already hijeacked in his very earlier works for Sound magazine, as the strip “The Stars My degradation”.

  8. Blighty Says:

    One thing not mentioned: When the crossed day ‘bafol’, this is ‘Bashful’. Just like ‘bosol’ is ‘Beau Salt’

  9. pandrio Says:

    Not sure if I read over something obvious in the issue, but I remember being confused by the containment suit rearing of crossed on page 17. Are these infected being taken/raised by conscripted non-infected people (“captives”) or is there something I’m missing? The story doesn’t give much about this group of people in containment suits and their motivations (admittedly likely the threat of being turned into crossed or food, etc.)–once again, unless I’m missing something…

    • Joe Linton Says:

      It’s a good question… and it’s not made 100% clear how it works. The humans wearing the containment suits are chained captives that serve Salt (note the chains P17,p3.) Most likely he uses humans to raise the Crossed babies because nearly any Crossed parents would likely eat/rape/kill their own children. That’s about all I am clear on.

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